white flower farm...negati ve!!!

roxy_girl(7b Weatherford TX)March 20, 2007

I spent $42.85 on 2 plants, one Euphorbia and one Astrantia. Both arrived looking like they where on deaths door! Both are so small and sickly looking that I don't know if I can bring them back to a healthy status. When I pay that much for 2 plants I expect a good size plant that is in good condition and healthy and these are neither!!! Buyer Beware!!! I know I won't be buying from them ever again!

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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

Did you contact them??...I'd like to hear what they say about the plants...That's a shame...I've heard of them, but never ordered from them...I'm SO sorry that happened to you...It's like throwing money down the toilet :(


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roxy_girl(7b Weatherford TX)

Well knotz, I was told that the plants where dormit and given the proper care and time they would "wake up and do wonderfully for me"...and if not that they would be happy to send new plants or refund my money...we'll see what happens. I'm still not thrilled with deal and still don't think I'll ever buy from them again...I'll stick with Jung seed co. and T's flowers and things they always deliver the goods...and for less!!!

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Hmmmm, in 1998 I ordered a collection of 25 oriental lilies, that are still going strong today. Needless to say, I haven't ordered from them since; they're too expensive for me. But a co-worker faithfully orders their amaryllis' from them, even those they cost a pretty penny, and she raves about them. She does bring one to work, and it's truly spectacular...

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

I've had consistent good luck with bulbs from White Flower Farm, but I can't say the same about their plants. Their plants used to be much better (okay, so that was in 1993).

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maybe they had a change in management. i used to order from them and they sent nice, healthy plant material.

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What ever happened to your plants? Did they grow?

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White Flower Farm has sent me strong bulbs and root plants, but I got 2 gas plants last spring both of which died. My mother has always sworn by them in the past. I wonder too if the quality is slacking of late.

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Mike Larkin

"I was told that the plants where dormit and given the proper care and time they would "wake up and do wonderfully for me"...and if not that they would be happy to send new plants or refund my money".

This sounds fair to me - it is mail order. They said they would replace it or refund!

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I ordered three honeysuckle from them last year. Two made it through the winter, the one that was doing the best last summer died. When I called they told be to put fertilizer on it and water it. Duh. I haven't called back yet. they kept telling me this was their busy season and call back later......no more orders from them!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Fertilizer would be called for only if there was a nutrient deficiency, something the party on the other end of the line would have no way of knowing. Soils vary in mineral content both from one spot to the next and from one season to the next.

The thing about retail nurseries, mailorder and otherwise is that they are all getting their stock from wholesale suppliers - unless they are growing some or all of their own. Especially in this age of consolidation, mergers and takeovers there is probably a pretty good chance most or all of a particular item may be coming from the same few (or less) wholesale suppliers, the main variables being the individual formats the retailers choose to follow. It's the same as in other retailing, one place may be charging quite a bit more for the same bulbs that come from the same grower or importer as another, cheaper place. With those that have fancy color catalogs, I'd expect there is a substantial additional markup to cover the cost of producing this expensive marketing tool.

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I ordered 2 plants from them last year and they both died. I contacted customer service and they told me they would reship them this spring....and they did. The new plants arrived in much better shape than last years and they are actually starting to sprout leaves.

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njmomma(z6 NJ)

I've only ordered bulbs from them and they are doing great. Daffs and tulips and muscari. The Daffs are huge and the best! I've never ordered plants though. Their response sounded fair though.

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Their prices are way too high. It shouldn't cost that much for your two plants even if you were getting gallon container plants.

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A while back, WFF was my favorite mail order nursery (and a great place to visit!). However, they have become far too expensive. There is absolutely no justification to pay these exorbitant prices. I see they now sell vegetables; tomato plant around $6.95! I can get a FLAT for $10.00!

I had one problem, which they rectified without hesitation: I ordered "The Unique Fifty" daylily collection, and of the fifty, there were two varieties. Like I said, they reimbursed me without hesitation. No complaints there.

I simply don't use them anymore because of their prices; I do much better elsewhere.

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I have, or should I say had, been a customer of White Flower farm for years. Their products were usually acceptable; however, never stellar. Usually I would lose about 50% of whatever I bought. Being an incredibly busy Psychologist in a very demanding career, I admit it was convenience that had me returning; however, each year I would buy less and less. This year I ordered around $300.00 of plants from them. I noticed immediately that shipping was very slow, and communication was zero. To make a long story short, after numerous unanswered emails I finally called. What I got was a completely unprofessional "Customer Service Representative" named "Debbie Cashman" (it was important to her that I knew her name. She even spelled it! Go figure). At any rate, she blatantly refused to let me speak with a supervisor, engaged in harassing and aggressive verbal attacks, and ultimately stated, repeatedly in fact, that she would not transfer me to a supervisor nor would she give them my name and number to call back. She told me "go ahead and call the owner. I don't care." Well, that pretty much says it all. It's doubtful that I will ever get the remaining 5 items from the order I placed in February. That's ok. I won't be back, and hopefully you won't either.

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sherrygirl zone5

I am adding to this thread. The bulbs are nice but DO NOT buy anything else! Plants are very small and expensive. Better Homes And Gardens uses this company. Shame on them! I was so disappointed in the undersized bloomerang lilacs I ordered. That was 3 years ago, only one survived. Yep, they will replace your undersized expensive dead plants with another undersized plant if you call and complain. To me that is a waste of time. Better off buying bigger, healthy plants at big box stores, they all survive and grow wonderfully.


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arlene_82(zone 6 OH)

I just planted 3 globemaster alliums from WFF. Bulbs looked good, but we'll see how they do in the spring. They were expensive, but WFF was one of the only vendors I found to still have them in stock this late in the season (had originally ordered some alliums from Brecks this summer but they were lost in transit). Won't be ordering plants from them given these reviews.

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