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spiderwoman(z6so.cent.PA)March 8, 2007

This vendor is a relatively new and still small, but has already made the Top 30 List on the Garden Watchdog. They sell both on eBay and through their website. Seeds ordered through the website are shipped FREE and her prices are excellent for fresh and unusual seeds. Communication is warm and kind but altogether very professional. I recommend them with no reservations. If you see something on the website that you would like, order it immediately because the turnover is fast and the seeds might not be there tomorrow!


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Thanks so much for posting about this vendor. She has a great seed selection and reasonable prices. The seed count is perfect for someone that only wants a plant or two. I placed an order this morning. I need more seeds like I need a hole in the head but couldn't resist. lol

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I've been trying to locate it and I can't seem to find it. Can anyone tell me the web address?

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Hi All,
As Tricia's business has grown she has needed to make some changes including her web location. Try They have some interesting new seeds in this week too so take a look.

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The info is at Tricia's Garden

Here is a link that might be useful: Tricia's Garden

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