Heirloom Acres

jaynineMarch 1, 2011

Our third year ordering: they can sometimes be slow with shipping, but their prices are very, very good. Good communication also. Recommended.

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I just found them and was thinking of ordering.

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Whoops! Didnt see you had a thread going on them before I started a new one...I'll copy and paste my review here:
Bought about $30.00 worth of stuff from these guys back in October. It was hard not to after seeing the prices! So cheap! Afterwards I got scared and started reading a ton of bad reviews on other sites. I received my order in about 3 weeks,with 6 items back ordered. I called and called and called for a month trying to see when I would receive them. I finally got someone on the phone on Thursday to ask about my order. I was told that They were placing an order for some of the items on my back ordered list next week, and would probably have them to me in late Jan 2012. The other 2 items would be ordered after Christmas and they would have them to me "sometime next year".
I immediately asked why they were listed as in stock online and was told it was too time consuming to constantly update availability online. I asked for a refund and did receive it in 1 days time.
I suppose this would be an ok company if you have 6 months to wait for your seeds!

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I'd like to withdraw my recommendation: I placed an order on 1/23, was charged 1/24, emailed about order status 2/13 (no response), 2/21 (no response) and 2/25--asking them to please send my seeds and stating I wouldn't be ordering again. I haven't heard anything.

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I ordered from them last year. about $80.00 in seeds and herbs. Carrots, Lettuce and parsnips had 0 germination. I think it was just old seed. All other items where okay. 4 Items back ordered but I did get them.They are slow in shipping this was around the 1st of the year. I did not order from them this year. Because of the old seed.

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