crowntop(z8SC)June 25, 2011

Originally sent me spiderwort which was supposed to be trillium--when I explained the problem and said "no problem-just didn't want you to have problems with other traders sending the wrong thing"-she OFFERED to send me trillium that she was ordering online to make up for the problem. Received an email on 6/14 which said she had received the online trillium and was mailing mine. To date (6/25) no trillium, no responses to my emails. The shame of all this is, I was fine with the trade, just didn't want her to come across a hard nose trader (we all know who they are) when she sent the wrong plants as something they weren't. She made a big thing of apologizing and stating how she had found the trillium online and was purchasing some for me and for herself and how very sorry she was for the mixup. Anyone who would like to see the emails throughout the course of this trade, give me a yell and I'll forward them. Very disappointed in such a false person.

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Just an update, today being 8/16--one more email dated 7/11 from greenthumbgrow aka Tammy Evans of Evanswebdesign, stating the trillium "don't look good" and "do you know when they start growing" and so on. Anyway, no trillium and still lots of promises. Just wanted to keep the name out there in case anyone has a notion to trade with this one. Beware!

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