Anyone used or have other recs?

tgleavesApril 7, 2008

I'm trying to purchase a bonfire peach but cannot find a nursery anywhere nearby that carries them. has them to order but I know nothing about them. Or, does anyone know of a website that is reputable and sells the bonfire peach (Prunus persica). Thanks!

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I haven't personally purchased from them, but they receive a primarily positive rating on Garden Watchdog. Hopfully someone here who has used them will respond, too.


Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Watchdog

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booboobearbecky(Zone 4)

Hi, I just used Stark Brothers for the first time this spring. I ordered 2 apple trees. The varieties (fireside and honeycrisp) were developed in my region, but I simply could not find good quality starter trees at my local area nurseries of fireside and honeycrisp apple trees. I decided to try Stark Brothers hoping for a better quaility fruit tree. I was NOT disappointed! Nice sized starter trees, LOTS of healthy roots and already forming buds.

Now I will tell you why I will really order from them again in the future. Customer Service. YEP great customer service. You see...on the day my lovely apple trees arrived it was late in the afternoon, and I didn't have time to plant them. I decided to put the pots of trees on my deck, give them a drink of water, and plant them the next day. That evening.....a BEAR showed up on my deck. And guess what? I suppose you think I'm going to say the bear ate my tree. Nope. He stole it!!! Tree, Pot, Stake and all. Grabbed it and ran off into the forest with it. Since I'm not a professional bear wrestler, I had to let the bear steal my tree. BRAT!!! I called customer service and of course they laughed their a$$es off, but sent me a free replacement tree because in their words, "no one could possibly make a story like that up."


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I have purchased fruit trees and berries occasionally from Stark's and find they have great selection, top-quality stock and their customer service is excellent. Occasionally, I have had questions (rootstock used, etc.) and they have provided the answers. Some local nurseries carry Stark fruit trees in pots. They always look great on display, and I have purchased a few locally.

I shop at Jung's and from Miller's mail order stores and sometimes find a product (or better price) unavailable at Stark Bros. I have found nothing wrong with them, I just prefer doing business with Stark.

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A lot of other people have had decent results and apparently support from them, my experience has been surprisingly bad.
I ordered two trees in March. When I received them, the box looked fine, but inside, the plastic wrap was not a proper seal, more wide open than anything else. The plants, one potted and one bare root, were quite dry. I complained immediately and was told they were fine and to plant them. I have nursed them since then, and I have two stunted sad sticks that have trouble keeping a leaf on them. I am honest with them and tell them they are still alive, but set back and stunted. Apparently that is good enough for them. Their support immediately puts me on the defensive, having to justify myself. I will not purchase from these people again.

Try I have planted quite a few fruit trees from them, and they do quite well.


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Don't know what is going on with the posting above but I have never had anything but great service and support from Starks. My Dad started using Starks for fruit trees back in the 1940's and continued all his life. Matter of fact, he's been gone over 15 years and his trees are still putting on fruit and haven't been pruned or taken care of since he passed. I've been using Starks trees for close to 40 years and I have never had anything but outstanding results from them. Matter of fact, due to shipping problems with UPS, I've had a couple of trees snapped in half during shipment. All I did was call Starks and replacement trees were sent right away at no charge what-so-ever and no further questions asked. With respect to the posting above, he says that he's "nursed his trees and can't keep a leaf on them". Dime to a donut that he's killing his trees with kindness and overwatering them or giving them fertilizer. My guess is too much water.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Note that Prunus persica is the botanical name of all peach trees and not just one variety.

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I have ordered fruit trees from Starks and was very pleased with the size and quality of the trees. They have been growing now for over ten years and have produced sweet beautiful fruit. The one tree ordered was a Starks exclusive at the time- a cross between a plum and an apricot; it turned out to be a real winner. Great experiences with this seller.

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I came here today looking for reviews of Stark Bros. I ordered two blueberry bushes from them and they are AWFUL - the saddest, weeniest looking things I've ever seen. Truly no better than a single stick with two leaves on it. I plan to call and complain but whether it'll do any good, remains to be seen.

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kcbarbara, courious what size of plant did you expect to receive then the catalog shows that they are 3 1/2 inch pots?

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mojo777(6 PA)

I bought a peach tree from them three or four years ago. It arrived in great condition, and has grown up nicely in my yard. Right now it is sprouting pretty little flowers.

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order two peach trees in 2010 and neither made thru winter
they replaced both but they will not make trees for years--
they have no limbs -- just sticks
can bye much better trees at wal-mart or rural king for less money wiil not order any more from them
will not recommend to anyone

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Best site. Often has free shipping and I live in Alaska where most places don't ship anything. They have a huge selection for my zone and when all 9 blackberries died in transit they replaced them and sent me a free blueberry since it was the end of season. the have by far the best selection of dwarfs, semi dwarfs ect.. That I have ever found for each tree they sell. And I can call them with any garden question they will try to help. My 3 semi dwarfs are branching well 3-4 years old that I got just this spring. I also love how they mark what can grow in your zone and won't let you buy anything that doesn't. It makes shopping much faster

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I ordered lingonberry bushes from Stark Bro in the spring. One is not doing well. I called them and they are sending me a replacement. No problem.

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I purchased two apple and one peach
from a Stark Bros reseller...

at the end of the summer, one of the
apple trees broke at the graft...

add to the expense of purchasing the
trees (and the organic nutrients and the
weeks and weeks of watering and caring
for the trees) I drove back to the reseller -
about a 120 mile round trip - and picked
up a replacement tree...

we were just a couple of weeks from
cold/winter weather...

the replacement tree struggled through
the summer and suddenly died/broke
at the graft...

a short while later, the remaining apple
tree died... broke at the graft...

it was now past the "warranty" period
from the reseller... they advised me to
contact Stark Brothers...

(I have 4 other fruit trees - two of which
were almost dead when I planted them
several years ago - and all of these trees
are flourishing under my care)

Stark Brothers informed me that they do
not honour the warranty when their trees
are purchased through a reseller...

They did offer to let me purchase trees
directly from them, though...

So, not only did I have the expense of the
three trees, I had gas over and back to
the nursery twice... plus the watering and
time and organic nutrients....

I wouldn't buy a tree from Stark Brothers
if they were the last company available...

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I find that what were once old reliable nursery names, have been sold & bought out by another company & still use the same name as the original company. Sometimes the products are as good as before but often much WORSE but I have no way of knowing the original company has been sold along with its good name! Personally, I'd think I would like to retain my good name rather than sell it for $$$ to a loser!

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Take care when ordering trees from Stark Brothers. These folks may by skating by on their former reputation. I have experienced an extremely high mortality rate on trees I have ordered from them. Yes, they have a 1 year guarantee, but for it to be useful you will need be vigilant watching for signs of decline and willing to abandon hope when you see the tree begin to fail. My trees have died at the beginning of the 2nd season, which isn't covered by the guarantee. So disappointing.

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