just chill !

rodnebridges(7b)July 24, 2012

Sometimes we just have to sit back and enjoy last year's peppers (in some habanero infused tacos or whatever you might have ! , and let this year's crop develop ! Enjoy what you have folks !!

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You have got to start sooner, last years stuff is gone and I have been enjoying this seasons jalapenos, Ristra cayenne, and Red Habanero's. Starting in December is key to have fruit in July. In Zone 7

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What hab said. Even here in SoCal, I start in dec/jan.

I just finished off the last of last year's pickled peppers a month or so ago right when I could start picking the very 1st FRESH fruit THIS year.

And I'll have some of almost all of my varieties DRYING until I start with germinating again in the winter. It's a year round thing for me in one way or another.

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If you have good indoor lighting, you can start a bit later. I start in mid February under T5H0s, then move them outside early in a greenhouse, and are harvesting Bhuts and Nagas right now. I've been harvesting less hot ones such as Hungarians, Bananas, Bells and Early Jalapenos for weeks. One oddity is the Peter pepper I grew was one of the fastest, earliest plants, but seems to be one of the slowest to ripen.

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