Mark of Excellence Roses

dwc47April 23, 2010

I am curious to know if anyone has experience with Mark of Excellence Roses. I placed an order with them 3/25/10 and got an email showing my invoice number, name and address. They proceeded to charge my card, but I have not received my order. I have called twice and sent 3 emails with no response. Does anyone know whether this is a legitimate company? I certainly would not recommend doing business with any company that does not have the courtesy to respond to a simple inquiry via phone or email.

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I too am dealing with this company. I emailed twice and finally got a response that they were having computer and phone issues. After waiting another two weeks (by now my order was placed a month ago), I got a quick email saying my order was going to be shipped.. cut to another two weeks and a last email of mine asking for a refund. Of course my rose was magically shipped the next day with tracking info. I've learned my lesson. There are too many other reputable rose sellers. Unfortunately they were the only one that had a particular rose I was looking for. We'll see what the quality of the rose is when I get it. I was very disappointed in the service, response etc. Lesson learned.

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I also placed an order for a rose in January and my credit card was charged. I've emailed 4 times over the last several weeks, but not response and no rose!
What's up with them? I've done business with them in the past and had good service, but now something it seems has gone wrong!

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DONT deal with them. I ordered and paid for a rose on March 13. I called in April, then again in May, both times being assured they were going to ship it out. Delays because of the "cold weather". Now it's July, no Rose bush.

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I've been done the same way, and there is no excuse for taking the money - they are not a legitimate business and their ethics are nil.

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I wish I'd read the complaints before dealing with these people. I also left phone messages and sent emails and never received a response from them. Ordered a rose in January and they charged my credit card but have received nothing from them. I just disputed the charge with my credit card company - wonder if I'll get my money back.

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I too placed an order for a rose I could not find anywhere else and though I did reach the owner by phone who offered a seemingly reasonable explanation for a delay in shipping due to an unusually hard winter (2010) I never received the shipment and there were no responses to repeated calls and e-mails. I would avoid this place.

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