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ineptthumbMay 5, 2012

I ordered an elm tree that was supposed to be 9' tall. The shipping was delayed. When it arrived it was in a box 6' tall. The roots were curled and stubby. I've planted it, and I hope it survives, but I won't use this nursery again.

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you might want to look at this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ty Ty

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Dig it back up and pull the roots open. You don't want a tree on your place that may blow over in so many years, with more than usual likelihood of doing so.

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TyTy has many aliases. I ordered 4 Windmill Palms on June 8, 2012 from Aaron's Farm. Three were 5-6 ft. and one was 4-5 ft. They were suppose to be ball and burlap. Paid $534 on credit card. Received invoice showing almost $900 and wrong address. During ordering I asked if they were the same as TyTy. I was told they were a sister company but they were not "that kind of business". Unfortunately, I believe people.
I was told 7 day UPS ground. Eleven days later they shipped. I received supstantually smaller trees than I ordered. Also they were bare root, poor health, and one wrong tree.
I've wasted a lot of time trying to contact them, they never tell you the truth. I've been told I got the wrong shipment. Todd (supervisor) said he would re-ship the whole order on the 27th of June. I called to get a tracking number and after I rebutted all their untrue statements I was told they didn't have a tracking number. But, Steven who answered the phone was 100% sure my correct trees had been re-shipped. They never arrived. At the same time, I received a message from the GA BBB that Ryan (Aaron's manager) had processed a refund for all except $150, due to me receiving the wrong order. I haven't received a refund. Furthermore, why should I pay $150 for the wrong trees. I had specific type and size requirments for my landscaping project. I have since replaced the trees from a local nursery ( Country Gardens in Memphis). Far better quality and price.
P.S. I've saved their wrong trees in case they want them back, but I don't think they are going to survive.

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ApprenticeGardener(7b or 8)

"cwnw7938"--Please don't assume that all Georgia garden suppliers and related businesses are bad just because TyTy apparently has such a bad reputation (I've that never dealt with them so I don't know). Best wishes--Carl Atlanta,GA

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The BBB is nonsense. Don't waste your time. It is NOT a government organization, it is a private organization the companies join to bolster their curb appeal.
The BBB has no more or less authority to punish or reward a company than you do. Think about it, they are paid by companies, why would they bite the hand? Through clever branding, they have created this illusion. They have even less authority over non-member companies. Companies pay for the (percieved) prestige. They will let members know about complaints, the company probably already knows. In very extreme situations, they will boot a company, but, not likely to happen.
Remember this the next time you see J.D. Powers award, same stuff.

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Wish I had read reviews before spending $2900 for trees that came in bad condition. Manager not keeping his word for refund and they have become nasty. Warning not to do business with them....

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BEWARE. TYTY does not stand for the products they sell and will rip you off your money. It will be a waste to purchase from them anything.
I wish I had made some research about this company.

I ordered 2- Red Catawba Bunch - 3yr Fruiting size ; 2- Elephant Blackberry - 2yr old; 2- Premier Blueberry - 2-3ft tall; 2- Black Hawk Black Raspberry - 3yr Fruiting Size; 2- Hall's Hardy Almond - 3-4ft tall; 6- American Hophornbeam - 3-4ft tall; and 3- Texas Star Banana - 3gal -
Total cost including delivery $356.25 that I lost.
2 out of 6 American Hophornbeam survived; none of the berries survived and none of them were 2/3yr fruiting size or 3 feet tall; red Catawba grapes were not 3yr fruiting size but survived and the Texas star bananas were not a 3gal size. Only one survived.
I wrote the company and explained the situation. Their response was â give them some timeâÂÂ, which I did. After two months and no sign of growth I wrote again but no response except to send the plants, pay for delivery and send 25% of the cost of the plants to get them back.
I did not go through this rip-off again.

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