can angelonia be propagated by cuttings?

Marie_zone5August 14, 2005

The subject says it. Except, I also want to keep the cuttings over winter. I love this plant and would like to have more. Marie

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Chinese evergreen is very easy to propagate by Cane/stem cutting. You can aid cuttings
with rooting hormone for better root development but I have not found it to be necessary.
Use a good quality houseplant mix with some perlite added.

"Over winter"

In your climate zone I would highly suggest indoor growing in a well light location.
Perhaps, after it is well established the plant may be moved to a medium or low light location.

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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Oops! Sorry I answered the wrong post. It's getting quite late sleepiness setting in. Lol

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I have rooted angelonia by taking my cutting, strip off leaves for two nodes at least and dip it in rooting hormone. Then I pot it up in seed starting soil , water it in and place it in a ziplock bag that I have blown air into. I then place it on a propagating heat mat. I don't remember how long it took to root, but it wasn't long. I did mine inside my greenhouse that get's very bright lights, so if you don't have a greenhouse, you would want your propagating mat under florescent lights which would be just a few inchs above the cuttings.

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Soeur(z6b TN)

Angelonia is typically propagated from cuttings, but late winter/early spring as the days lengthen is a far better time to take cuttings than autumn. Wintering over cuttings could be tough unless you have a greenhouse. It may be easier to keep the mother plant going in a pot over the winter, to use as a stock plant for cuttings in early spring.

BTW, you might want to make sure you're not growing a patented variety, in which case propagation is prohibited. Many of the widely available types are patented, such as the AngelMist series and the Carita series. It will say on the tag if the plant is patented, if you still possess it.


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ron48(z6 Mass. Essex)

This says it all.

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Thanks, everyone for your reply's to my message. I will try to winter the plant over. I would be happy to just keep the two I have. Marie

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I have a beautiful plant that I have been just dying to make another for another spot in one of my gardens and was so excited to read this post. I have a rolling green house I pick up (I'm in the south tho- mild winters) and use it all year indoors and out to start seeds/roots herb cutting and vine cuttings...these flowers I would LOVE more of w/o the pricetag! A 4in pot was 5.99 last March its just stunning. I will try taking cuttings and rooting them and update...I use her cut flowers in my sunflower arrangements and she just keeps on producing!

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