Big Dipper Farms is Awesome!

cargobeanMay 15, 2008

Hi All:

Just had to post a message here about Big Dipper Farms. This was my first time purchasing plants online, so I was a little nervous. But oh my, what a wonderful experience I have had with Big Dipper Farm!! I ordered 4 Phlox "Purple Flame", 4 Russian Sages, "Little Spire", and 2 Echinacea "Pixie Meadowbrite." They all arrived wonderfully healthy, and still very moist. The Phlox and the Echinacea all had nice large roots and lots of green leaves. And the Russian Sages, though smaller and dormant, 3 have leafed out allready.

And when I emailed the company to ask about the 4th one not leafing out, they emailed right back saying to let me know how many didn't leaf out and they would send me out replacements right away!!! And when I said only one hadn't leafed out, they sent me 2, not one replacement, but 2!!! NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!! WOW!! I am so impressed, and any time I need a plant, I will go to them right away!! And their prices are fantastic too.

Oh and I was so excited to find old stalks on the phlox, so these have allready bloomed, so I know they are mature plants and will bloom for me too. The packing was fantastic, the plants looked like they were fresh packed that day, and hadn't travelled at all! So I highly recommend them to everyone!! It's a wonderful company with excellent customer service!!

And they also sent me a free packet of Love in a Mist seeds, which I have been dying to try, and they shipped my order right when I specified too. Very top notch company!!

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Loretta NJ Z6

I agree. I bought a few clematis from them last year. They came with huge roots. I was very happy with them. I even got a little bonus plant.

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Hi: Just wanted to follow up on my flowers I received and how they did this past year; they did awesome!! The phlox bloomed like crazy and so did the cone flowers, so many flowers I could not believe it. The little spires not so good, they flowered, just not much, but I know how the russian sages are, they take a little time to get established, so am excited to see how they do this year. Great company!!

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