Bluestone Perennials: Are their big pots actually big?

cargobeanMay 30, 2008

Hi: I am thinking of ordering from this company, their Bressingham plants, which are surpose to be in big pots, so am wondering if their big pots are actually big, or just as tiny as their 3 for sales? I don't mind small with good size roots, but I don't want little seedling's ya know? Thanks for any feedback ya can give me.

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I can't say enough good things about the plants I've received from Bluestone!

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kitcatclub(z5 NY)

They are definitely bigger than the 3-pak. I would guesstimate they are about the size of a standard 4 inch pot, only taller. I got the loveliest pieris in the big sized pot and it's growing like gang-busters!

In my opinion, it's a great deal for shrubs, if you don't mind growing them on for a awhile. For perennials, maybe not so much. I have a local supplier who sells the same varieties (ie. phlox "Flower Power") for only a dollar more ($8) in a half gallon container. YMMV.

Please don't interpret this as criticism of Bluestone - they are my favorite online plant seller, bar none. I think I'm just lucky to have such a great local vendor! ;)

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