Harvesting ripe pods all at once?

PunkRotten(9b)July 27, 2014

Hey Guys,

How do you guys manage to keep all your pods healthy so that you can do one big harvest? My pods on my plants always ripen staggered. If I leave them on too long they will over ripe/get damaged.

I want to make some sauces but I get a few ripe pods here or there, never a lot at once. Is there a trick?


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I dont think there really is a trick to get all the peppers to ripen at the same time. You can hold off harvesting ripe peppers for a while, but eventually, they will over ripen and begin to soften and shrivel. Many peppers will tend to ripen their fruit in waves however. They will ripen a good portion of pods on the plant and then a few weeks or so later will do that again. Aside from that, you could just grow more of each plant so that you can harvest more ripe ones at a time.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Harvest when fully ripe and stick them in the fridge. Nice healthy pods will last quite a long time in the fridge.


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Cool. Those sound like good tips. I got a orange Hab putting out some ripe pods finally. So I want to especially make sauce with it.

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In your zone? Wait until they really get going. The 1st flush is always just a few, so dry those, maybe? Then, when that 2nd flush really starts pumping them out, you should be able to harvest enough for plenty of sauce. Are you planning on mixing varieties? Do you have enough plants of a particular variety if you're only going to use that variety? What varieties are you growing? How many plants of each?

I agree with Bruce though. With superhots, you can leave them on the plant for quite awhile without anything ill happening to them. In fact, too often I see pics posted of people harvesting their pods prior to them fully ripening. Usually it's when the final color is supposed to be deep red and thewy pick them when they're somewhat of an orangish red.

I also agree with Dennis about the fridge. They do keep quite awhile. But I doubt long enough for another flush to ripen.


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What about the freezer as opposed to the fridge? I realize they will get mushy if thawed from frozen, but if they are just going through the blender for sauce, it really should not matter.

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Mecdave Zone 8/HZ 9

A lot has to do with the pepper variety too. Two poblano plants, nearly 100 pods between them, pretty much ripened all at once.

Whereas my single habanero has nearly 100 pods that only ripen a half dozen a week.

Then there's the three tabasco plants with hundred of pods that apparently are only going to ripen about 50 a week.

Fridge, freeze, or powder (preferably smoked).

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