Say bye bye to Ty Ty Nursery

njm121May 18, 2007

I was lied to, cheated and ripped off by TY TY Nursery; Avoid them and their many aliases (listed them below)

I am @ the point where I am not going to buy anything from GA which is unfortunate because I'm sure there are honest Nurseries in GA but since the state keeps giving this thief so many aliases. Heres what happened.

I called TY TY Nursery On March 5th 2007 and asked the owner what type of blueberry plants he recommends for a greenhouse in my area of New York that would produce blueberries this year. He told me Tiftblue,climax and Briteblue would grow well together in a greenhouse in my area of the country. When the plants were delivered the climax and the tiftblue arrived dead no leaves and brittle. I called and was told to plant them and give them plenty of water and sun and they will come back in three weeks. I called a month later and was told to fill out a replacement form and would be contacted in 3 weeks. A month later I get a post card stating that the plants can not be replaced because the plants died outside of the zone recommended in the catalog. When I called and spoke to the owner he told me that there was nothing he could do since they were delivered outside the zone the warranty was void.

I wrote the BBB and recomend everyone do the same whom were ripped off by these thieves.

The Nursery at TyTy also does business as:

Blackberry Plant Nursery

African Amaryllis Bulb Nursery

Apple Tree Nursery

Bunch and Seedless Grape Vine Nursery

Pecan Tree Nursery

Tree Nursery

Aaron's Bulb Farm(part & parcel of TyTy) also does business as:

Aaron's Amaryllis & Canna Bulb Farm Nursery

Arron's Flower, Tree, and Shrub Nursery

Arron's Nursery with other listings

Aaron's Bamboo Nursery

Aaron's Daffodil Nursery

Aaron's Leucojum, Tuberose, and Eucomis Nursery

Aaron's Allium Nursery

Aaron's Clivia Nursery

Aaron's Agapanthus Nursery

Aaron's Elephant Ear Nursery

Aaron's Ariod Nursery

Aaron's Iris Nursery

Aaron's Ginger Lily Nursery

Aaron's Hymenocallis Nursery

Aaron's Crinum Lily Nursery

Aaron's Banana Tree Nursery

Aaron's Perennial Nursery

Arron's Fruit Nursery

Apple Tree Nursery

Blackberry Nursery

Blueberry Nursery

Fig Tree Nursery

Grape Vine Nursery

Pecan Tree Nursery

Peach Tree Nursery

Persimmon Tree Nursery

Plum Tree Nursery

Citrus Tree Nursery

Pear Tree Nurser

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You can file a complaint with the Governor's Office of Consumer Complaints. Link below.
You may also contact the Attorney General's Office if you feel that your complaint is not receiving adequate attention.
Office of the Attorney General of Georgia
Thurbert E. Baker, Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 656-3300
As far as I am able to determine, none of the listed nurseries have a current Live Plant Nursery License, which is issued by the GA Dept. of Agriculture.
I would contact them also and complain that you have received unhealthy plants that have not been inspected for diseases or presence of noxious weeds and Fire Ants.
Commissioner Tommy Irvin -
Phone: 1-800-282-5852
Don't ever give up. The sleazy outfit is counting on that.

Here is a link that might be useful: GA Governor's Office of Consumer Complaints

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I am sorry about what happened to you but according to the Better Business Bureau over 90+ complaints have been made this year alone about these people. Something similar happened to me. I have posted this posting in another forum but here is what happened:
I ordered 5 Crape Myrtles back in the early part of 2007 from Ty Ty nurseries over the phone. I had to make over 10 phone calls to even speak with a half way decent person to assist me in ordering these Crape Myrtles. Most of the people I spoke with were very rude and lost my order twice. I finally received my trees and they were delivered to my neighbors house.....thankfully not anywhere else. Anyway, I planted them right away in my front yard. Part of the reason I order from Ty Ty nurseries is because of the great prices. I wanted 2 Miami Crape Myrtles to match my one that I had bought from another nursery down the street for $75 versus Ty Ty low cost of under $12, however you had to place atleast a $50 order with Ty Ty. So I ended up buying 2 Miami's, 2 Biloxi's and 1 Muskogee Crape Myrtles. Because of this year's late freeze in Georgia, my Crape Myrtles have not bloomed until the last part of September this year. Guess what color they are blooming.....WHITE. Helllooo! The color of the Crape Myrtle's I ordered was Pink and Purple. They even put white tags on the trees to show the name but was hand written. Needless to say after the HELL they put me through with thier CUSTOMER NO-SERVICE making the order, I will have to build myself up to call them about a replacement. And then I will not really know if they shipped me the correct things until they bloom again next year. This has taught me a big lesson. I believe what they sent me was the Nanchez Crape Myrtle. I could have ordered a Natchez Crape Myrtle for $4.00 from a local 4-H club and have saved tons of money if that is what I wanted. I hesitate about calling them because everyone I spoke with before either sounded like they were half asleep or had an ATTITUDE. From a VERY UNSATISFIED customer in Dallas, Georgia. GOODBYE $75.00

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

This has been going on for years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Search results for: ty ty nursery

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stokesjl(5 IA)

well damn. i was just about to place a yucca order with them. i do have to admit, the ads on their site with half-naked women made me kind of wonder what was up with this place.

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Before you give up on GA nurseries, try Johnson Nursery in Elijay. They are family run, prices are good, and their trees and plants are great. I've ordered from them three times.

Their web address is simply


Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of my trees

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Unfortunately I placed an order with them not knowing that there were so many BBB complaints against them! Needless to say some of my plants came damaged and they refused to replace them! On top of that they were extremly rude, especially the manager (named Rick). DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

I placed my order January 3 of this year. They failed to ship.

On May 23, I finally received a full refund from Ty Ty (aka "Arrons" aka "The Nursery at Ty Ty") with numerous other DBA's.
For those of you unfortunate enough to do business with these's what I did.

After 8 or 9 attempts to work with them on my own, I contacted the Georgia Better Business Bureau. This was a complete waste of time.

The Nursery owner, Patrick Malcolm, told the BBB that he sent me a refund and the BBB closed out my case. Only problem was........he never sent the check.

I next contacted the Georgia Dpt of Consumer Affairs. Nelson Mitchell handled my case and, within four weeks, I received my refund. Funny thing though. The check was dated April 28, 2008, but the envelope it was contained in was postmarked 19 May, 2008.

I would highly recommend that anyone having difficulty with this "nursery" (and I use the term loosely) contact the Georgia Office of Consumer Affairs like I did. I have included their address and phone number below:

Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs
2 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive SE, Suite 356
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4600

Phone: 404-651-8600

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I placed an order with TyTy and after several phone calls and promises of delivery in a few weeks, I decided to call one more time and get a definitive date for shipment. I was told that it was delayed yet again and that a definitive date was not possible. I told them that due to this, I wanted to cancel the order. They said that I couldn't cancel the order. I told them that I would dispute the charge with my credit card company. They placed me on hold for 15min and no one came and spoke with me. I hung up and called back and the phone was hung up on me. I called back again and got someone else who was apologetic and explained their issues to me. I said that I was sorry but I wasn't going to be taken advantage of and that I was contacting my credit card company immediately and for them to cancel the order. My credit card company promptly reversed the transaction.

Here is the Georgia BBB information on TyTy as of 11/05/08:

BBB processed a total of 90 complaint(s) about this business in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total 90 complaint(s) closed in the last 36 months, 59 were closed in the last 12 months.

These complaints concerned:

2 regarding Advertising Issues
3 regarding Billing or Collection Issues
4 regarding Customer Services Issues
12 regarding Delivery Issues
9 regarding Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
24 regarding Product Issues
28 regarding Refund Or Exchange Issues
3 regarding Selling Practices
5 regarding Service Issues

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I wish I would have come across this forum last August BEFORE I placed an order with Ty-ty. I ordered a bunch of stuff... all said "fall shipment"...fall came and went and no trees... I had called several times where I was given the run around and finally told that they only ship when trees were dormant and I would get my order in Jan-Feb. Although I felt like this was false advertisement since everything said fall shipment, it did make sense to me, so I patiently awaited my order in January. Already not feeling quite right, I stayed on top of it and they heard from me at least once a week from the beginning of January. Persistence pays off... to a point. I was able to diseminate from the different calls, they really are just a middle man (false advertising again). They got different parts of my order from different sources... which wouldn't be so bad if they used really reliable sources, but I think they probably just use the cheapest to make the most money. I finally did receive my order... in full... not a single thing missing out of an over $650 order. In that order I had three larger blueberry bushes. Who ever their supplier is for those is pretty decent. They look pretty good and had a good bareroot base on them. As for pretty much everything else in my order, it appeard that someone had taken a good yank on the tree trunk and pulled it up by hand without any digging as most trees had very little to no roots left... the pecan trees I ordered must have been harder to yank out of the ground due to their tap root, so it appears that some Sherlock decided to take a shovel and chop the offending tap root off so they could finish yanking said tree out. Obviously, these trees won't survive... The blueberry bushes look to be very promising, and I'm glad that at least something I got seems to be worth while, but everything else either looks like it definately will not survive or would shock me if it did. I will not be ordering from them again... wish I knew who their supplier was for the blueberry bushes though... I'd definately order from them!! =)

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Maybe it doesn't need to be said but guys like this Rick can be persuaded to... let's say not be around anymore. I'm not saying anything, but if I were... he doesn't really need both knee caps.

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nor does his family!!!!!

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Here's my experience with Ty Ty. I placed an order for an Ischau Fig tree, a Italian White Fig tree, and a Ein Shemer apple tree (all between 5-6 feet) on February 10 and they were delivered on the 14th. I was surprised they got here so fast, but I do live in Georgia so that probably had something to do with it. All the trees were within the height that I ordered which I'm happy about. I'm not sure if this is normal, but the fig trees don't have any branches and are just poles. The apple tree has 4 branches, but 1 of them is split in half longways for a bit so I don't know if it will fall off or not. I planted them and we'll see how well they grow. After reading this thread though I probably won't order anything else from them. It's just too risky.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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I ordered a 9-10 ft tulip poplar from these folks. I received a 6 ft long stick with one little root stem. I should have just dug one up locally, but I thought I might get better survivability this way. I wasted my money. It might yet survive, too early to say, but when I called to ask where the rest of my tree was, I finally talked to somebody who said they prune 1/3 of the tree and the height you receive is only 2/3 what you order. Which is fine if that were made clear when ordering. That is not the case. You have to go looking through the website for the "Pruning" section - and even then it says they prune at their discretion. When I inquired about any kind of partial refund due to the lack of clarity on the site and the possibility of making it more clear to future customers, it was a clear waste of my time. Which is in line with the waste of my money. I'll never buy anything from this bunch again.

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In 2006, we purchased 8 multiple varieties of Pecan trees from TyTy and they arrived within the gel looking dead. We called and they explained that the trees were dormant and that the graphed tap root was to be blah, blah and we did 100% as instructed for planting. The trees were to produce leaves by spring which came and went, only to discover the trees were dead. We had the packing and original invoicing so they said they would replace them but we had to ship back the dead trees at our expense and then for about $25 per tree they would reship. Mind that we had approximately $1,200 in trees and a year of lost growth period. Instead of chancing it, we took our trailer and drove the 9 hours to pickup the replacements. The nursery was only marginal at best and we took our replacements home this now December 2007 and planted again. They did all produce leaves by the spring of 2008 and we continued babying these plants from day one as the others. By mid-June, all but three trees had died without any further guarantee since there were replacements; odds on our gamble was getting slimmer and the clock was ticking for time. No response about our lost trees by TyTy so you bite the bullet and move on. The others did make it through, the 3 trees that have foliage as of this date have Oak looking leaves. I cannot confirm that yet as the leaves are sparse however, within the last month in 3 locations were the trees died and broke off at the base above ground, we have bushes going from the original graph, I believe and these look like oak leaves. Now I grew up around and tending Pecan trees during my younger years in Georgia and I don't think I will be enjoying my older years collecting pecans with my grandchildren however, I do anticipate raking leaves from possible Oak trees instead. I did purchase 10 thornless blackberry stalks in 2007 from TyTy, and 8 are living and producing fruit; now the don't look like the varieties I purchased but I do have thornless blackberries; at least I have something growing almost correctly. No more purchases from TyTy for myself, I think I will find a more reputable and local dealer for my thoughts of fruit trees and 100 more blackberry vines.

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vineyarder(USDA 7)

Well.... I could repeat a similar story, but with figs. They shipped a totally mislabeled variety, and would only reship a "correct" (hopefully) one if I went through the expense of shipping back the wrong one. Since I'd have ended up spending way more than the plant was worth, I didn't. I wouldn't order from them again......

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I discovered this thread while doing research on TY TY nusery. TY TY Nursery and all of it's DBA's are nothing but scam operations. They barely have ANY real trees at their Tifton GA location, and usually locate your order somewhere cheaper (probably some wholesale nursery's leftover scraps) or just dig it up themselves somewhere! They are so dishonest that I am amazed the owners are still not in jail. Just look at some of the ridiculous ZONE claims for cold hardy palms etc on their website. The website is very "cut and paste" and looks like it was done by some pot head inside their attic! Our company made the mistake of ordering Longleaf & Slash pines from TY TY. Needless to say, it was a complete disaster. Without getting specific; horrible quality, dishonest business dealings, rude (bordering on odd and freakish) behavior by TY TY staff and stupid mistakes can be expected. PLEASE use this thread and all the various sources to register complaints with the state of Georgia to help get these fools closed down for good!

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Am I glad I checked on the review. I was about to buy some date palm and they have the best price, but no price is good enough for lousy service or lack thereof.

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I'm so angry with the TyTy nursery in TyTy GA. To replace a $59 plum tree, that never lived after I planted it, I had to spend $23.72 to ship to them & $20.00 to have them ship a replacement to me. I didn't neglect or mistreat the tree, it just was not a good tree. So the "NEW" "FREE REPLACEMENT" tree will cost $102.72!! And I will only have one plum tree! Hope I get a live one! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS NURSERY!

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Like others, I so wished I had read this before making a $200 purchase for 2 pecan trees. Maybe I should submit myself for stupidity for not doing that before buying.

I am an experienced gardener and have planted many, many trees and bushes but have never had the case in which both plants showed no sign of life -- ever! This is what I said in a complaint letter (to which I have heard nothing):

Dear Patrick Malcolm [manager]:

I am writing you about two Cape Fear Pecans that I purchased last summer. I received them in December, planted them within a week and they never sprouted nor shown any sign of life. I have talked to your staff several times and have submitted a claim for replacement trees. However, in reading more closely on your web page, I see that I must pay the nursery a 25% shipping fee. This will come to around $50.

I have to tell that I am dismayed with this. As you can see from the attached pictures (including the two dead pecan trees), I am a very active gardener and planter. There have to be at least 50 trees and shrubs that I have planted over the past 20 years plus I have lived in my house.

The people on your staff have expressed confidence in your product every time I have talked to them. In fact, they talked me into buying a larger, more highly priced tree because they said that a larger one had a much higher likelihood of surviving. I listened to them in part because I had confidence in my prior success. I have NEVER had the case in which all of the same shrubs/trees in a single purchase to die. Never!

Based on my own successful experience with trees, I had every confidence that they would thrive. As a result, my only conclusion is that there is something wrong with the tree, I have lost nearly $200.00 and I have nothing. So, I hope that you can appreciate that from my point of view, paying $50 is good money chasing bad.

I have read your guarantee and see that replacement is my only option; and that is for one season. Is this my only option? If so, I am very disappointed. Maybe I need to learn that buying a plant/tree by mail from a nursery is bad idea.

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Bought suposedly two year old Scuppernong plants. When they came they were just started cuttings with newly formed roots. Not worth the eighty dollars I paid to fight with these thiefs. Then I got the notice that my credit card had been compromized. Hadn't dealt with anyone but Tyty so go figure. If they will cheat you on plants they will cheat any way they can. Jail these thieves.

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Bought 6 fruit trees (2 Jujubee, 1 Persimmon, 1 Black Tartarian Cherry, 1 Nonpareil Almond and 1 Pecan) for total $250.00. They all suposed to be 5-6 feet tall as advertized and I was told by the Owner (Rick) that the Jujubee and Persimmon would be bearing fruits the same year. But when I received these trees and planted them, they were not even 4 feet tall. The size of the tree is way smaller than "Ty Ty" claimed to be. And the price is much more expensive than what you can buy for the same trees from HomeDepot, Lowes, or WalMart. Stop shopping at this fake nursery "Ty Ty"!

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My complaint would just be more of the same. I purchased a Foxtail Palm last July. Two month later, I still did not have my palm, so I called. The man on the phone was incredicly rude, and hung up on me. I called back, and a much nicer gentleman answers the phone, answers my questions, and shortly afterwards I received my palm. It wa smuch smaller than the advertised size, but I decided to just accept it. I planted it exactly as instructed, and even consulted a master gardener at my local garden center regarding planting. A couple months go by, and the palm is clearly not doing well. I loaded up the palm, and took it to my local nursery to have it looked at. The master gardener came to my vehicle to look at it, who immediately asked me to not unload the palm because it has something called "black scruf". I was also informed that the palm is NOT even a Foxtail Palm. I immediately contacted TyTY, and the man who answered the phone was incredibly rude to me, and again, I was hung up on. I have fileld out their required form, along with a cover letter requesting a refund rather than a replacement. I have now learned that the "Black Scurf" that infected the palm I received from TyTy has now spread to the other plants in my Florida Room.

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KY_PalmLover(6 KY)

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH....I was two seconds from ordering from them when the "to good to be true" saying popped into my head about the price..then when I street viewed their "physical" address on Google maps it was a Post Office...then I did a search and found this thread. I believed you have saved me :)))

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Whooo. Close one. Almost purchased.

Creepy site btw.

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Thanks for the info, was thinking about ordering some yellow bells from them, but like to review online places before ordering.

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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH -- I was just getting ready to order today. Was going to order last Saturday and forgot. Thanks to the google prompt, I saw the review link and here I am -- saved. I order vvvery little online b/c of return issues -- an experience like you all have had sounds very likely and that would have turned me off of the internet for sure. Thanks again for taking the time to bust the crooks. E

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Didn't read these reviews until TOO LATE! I ordered from Ty Ty. After reading so many bad reviews of the company, I called back immediately to cancel. I was told ok, but in reality, my order was processed. When I noticed the charge to my credit card, I called back, but was told that a mistake had been made and the plants had already been shipped. There was nothing that could be done. Please be warned everyone.

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I read an ad of Tyty nursery selling 3 G Desert Rose plant for $19.00 each. If you buy 10 of them, you will get free shippining . It sounds good . On December 27, 2010 I placed an order of 10 Desert Rose (adenium) (the 3 G size plant) . Guess what ? In March 2011 they shipped the items to me . When I opened the package, i almost passed out because the 3 G size plants I supposed to receive were only 4" seedlings that I can buy $2.00 each in a Houston Nursery on Bellaire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG !!!!!! They are thieves . YES TYTY Nursery is definitely a dishonest company . Please never buy anything from them

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Well, my plants arrived today. I had ordered 4-3 gallon plants. They came in a tiny box. I thought that they were coming in dirt since that is how they were pictured. I researched, and found the same plants in real 3 gallons containers of dirt $15 a plant cheaper. Ty Ty advertised free shipping, so I realized that they inflated the price for the plants and gave free shipping.

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My!! I wish I research and read this one before I placed order last week. Now I'm one of the victoms. :(

I placed order by phone for 4 of '3 year old' Muscadine grape plants. Got the plants today. They are merely twig that's newly rooted. There are hand-writtened tags on them marking '3 yr muscadine' with variety names. I was speechless and in disbelief! I have been growing grapes and muscadine grapes for 10 years and know how '3 year old' grapes should look like. This is totally cheating on the costomers! I was very disappointed at first and now pissed off after reading this thread, knowing this isn't the first time they do wrong to costumers. I'll definitely do some research and see what I can do next. Those people need to be punished for what they did.

I only have one question: why are they still in business??

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Glad I read this post. Was considering a palm order. Thank you all for your comments.

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Thanks for the input! Johnson's nursery is sold out at the moment, I'll have to drive up there from W.Ga to check them out this fall... I plan to purchase from locals and pick up myself. Think this might be the safest bet!

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Ha ha! I sit here laughing my butt off because of you goofy people. How about using the Internet to your advantage and research something before purchasing it instead of using it as a place to complain afterwards. Thanks for the advice!

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Ordered 2 shumard oaks, 1 weeping willow, and 1 river birch from Ty Ty in February 2011. Received trees and planted them within 3 days. All but the River Brich have lived. River Birch and Weeping willow looked good. 2 Shumard Oaks looked like the tops were broken off to get to fit in box.
Ordered 2 figs, 2 apples, and Ginko from Aaron's at the same time. These trees were not all listed at either nursery web page. Ginko looked like top was cut out and as of 4/29/11 it has just begun to show leaves. Tops apper to have been cut out of apples also, but they at least have good leaves and appear to be growing. Figs still have only buds, they are green and I hope they will make it.
Will not order from them again and return policy is a joke. I am better off to just find a replacement vendor.

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I had the misfortune of ordering from Ty Ty nursery. I would have done much better from a local nursery. The plants arrived as promised, but they were SMALL and damaged. I don't have the time or the patients to deal with them. I'll just say BEWARE to anyone who's interested in buying from them. In this case ....... you DONT get what you pay for. If you like Poor quality and half dead plants...... this is the place to go. I hope this SAves someone from my error...... Good luck to all

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They are bad...yet they dominate Google search. Google can organize the web but must prioritize a company with so many different names all leading to top ranks for any plant you type it is hard to find an alternative in organic search. Anyway I bought meyer lemon trees and all turned out to be lime. I asked for a replacement and they said to fill out the form. The form is there way to say "stick it to where the sun don't shine". No response.

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I bought 4 Water Tupelo trees. They were sent to a friend. The trees were planted but were dead. Ty Ty said I had to send in a request for replacement with the receipt. My friend threw the receipt out when he received the trees. They have all the data they need in their data base but refuse to replace the trees.

I recommend that no one buy from TY TY.

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I wish, like many, I had done a little more research. My dear husband called up TyTy and ordered a 6-7' Peter's Honey Fig...and he was told it should do fine in our area. It was promptly charged to our account. It would be shipped later since Spring was coming and they do not ship trees that are leafed. That Fall--no tree even though when called, they said it would be shipped soon. Middle of winter--still no tree. After several calls, we were told to wait for better weather in our area. After a year, and still no tree, we were told we never had an order. I waded through over a year's worth of charges to find TyTy, my husband searched for Emails over a year old...and only upon a very nasty phone call did our tree get shipped. The top was cut to fit the 5'x8" UPS shipping box (UPS charges extra for anything over 5'). So much for our 6-7 foot tree. The roots were cut badly for transporting. The poor thing struggled the next year because of the root damage, but we did managed to get it to grow. However, because of the weakened state, it did not winter over. Now, TyTy has a rider saying they will not guarantee anything out of zone, and they list Peter's Fig out of our zone--EVEN THOUGH the man said it should do well. Plus, they want us to pay for freight both ways???? for a fig they will top off and ship in a small box??? How will a 6-7 foot tree live with 8" of root. NEVER, ever order from TyTy.

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I was actually SERVED by a complaint through Federal Court about a post I had made about this company. I thought that because SO MANY PEOPLE have been taken for a ride that I would do some research...I won't go into details, but I repeated something that I believe 99.9% is true and was legitimately sued... Luckily I own nothing, but I was able to forward the addresses of the nasty websites to the LAWYER that the owner of TyTy has retained in Atlanta. I told him to please point me in the direction of the "Boner Tree". Yes, there is a "Boner Dance" for the Amorphophallus on the Ty Ty site. I have never, will never and would die before I ever buy from that company. If you can look at those videos and order, you should have no recourse. They are despicable.

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I purchased trees and raspberry plants from Ty Ty in August via phone and paid via CC, with the shipment due in October. They arrived in December, coming April, the plants did not green up and were dead. I returned the dead plants back to the nursery. I received a post card back that I will not receive the plants replaced because I need a copy of the order form. Because I ordered via phone, I did not receive an order form, nor was an order form attached to the package. This is a rip off. After repeated calling, no one answered the phone or I was hung up.

Anyone near TyTy who could represent me in a small claims court, I would be greatful. Please send me an email and I will file in my state.

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I'm a native Georgian living out here in Utah. Wanted to relive my youth and have a slice of the south out here and grow some scuppernongs.
I should have known from the moment I spoke to them. Very unprofessional, with flippant answers given to my questions.
I asked if ordering in late April was too late. Another nursery (in GA) wouldn't sell to me b/c they thought it was too late in the season. TyTy gave me reassurance, e.g. a bunch of "Yep's". And implied the other nursery didn't know what they were talking about.
Plants arrived, I must admit, they were well packed for shipping. I immediately, within minutes, potted them, and tended to them as if they were the last of their species. I did pause and wonder how come these vines had no growth on them?? I grew up in Georgia and know for a fact EVERYTHING has growth on it by late April. Almost wondered if the leaves/buds had been removed....
Two months later... not a single leaf, bud or anything in the green hue. A month later they were too brown and dry for kindling.
Given the runaround, with obviously no chance of recouping anything of value.
I didn't trust my gut instinct. Their videos were unprofessional (as someone above stated "bordering on creepy") and their customer service was discourteous at best.
I'm the idiot and one to blame here.
Obviously nothing more than some flunky kids on their dad's land trying to make a quick buck.

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I called them today about an order and the guy on the other side was, as another person above wrote, "half asleep or had an ATTITUDE". The best part was that he just hang up on me!

Strange nursery...well, not the only one...

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I would first like to start off by saying my response to this blog will be neutrl, not taking TY TYs side. The first time I ever ordered from Arrons Nursery was in the spring of 2010 and I later ordered with Ty Ty in the spring of 2011 and my third time ordering with Ty Ty was September 2011. My first order consisted of cold hardy windmill palm trees and pindo trees which grew and established roots really quick, so I basically had no problems at all. My second order consisted of a Russian Pomegranate tree, Nectarine Tree, and Guava Tree, and Bamboo which all grew leaves quite fast and had no problems.The nectarine tree eventually died, but I believe that was because rabbits kept on eating the new growth and finally a fungus took over and killed it. Basically, I had no problems with any of my trees. Now my most recent order was on September 19, 2011 and it did indicate fall shipping, but I did not receive any of the trees until December 22, 2011 (In the dead of winter), mind you I live in New Jersey. My order consisted of 2 peach trees, 2 plum trees, 2 grape vines, 1 nectarine, 1 pear tree. Of all of these, only the pear tree survived and it suprisingly it has grown pretty fast. I understand many of you were shocked to recieve your trees or shrubs with no leaves, but honestly that is how it is when you buy dormant trees. Dormant trees must be shipped with no foliage or else it will stress the tree out and the reason why the tree prices are so cheap is because it is bear root, if you want them in pots you will pay for the weight of the dirt as well. Only citrus trees will be shipped with leaves on them because they do not go dormant. I have hypothesized that the reason most of my trees did not survive was due to them being shipped to me in December and the ground was already frozen, ideally I wanted to plant them in October or Novemeber the latest but due to getting a mild winter in 2011 they were unable to ship the trees until december. In October, I had planted some cold hardy Orange trees outside which suprisingly go dormant in the winter. I should of planted the cold hardy orange trees earlier in the summer so they could establish a good root system to survive the winter cold so my decision to plant them so late meant a 50/50 survival chance. (I did not buy the cold hardy orange trees from ty ty though, actually got them from a nursery in South Carolina). Anyways, your probably wondering why I even brought up the orange trees, well the reason is because the orange trees survived the winter, yet the nectarine, plum and peach trees which are rated as Zone 5 plants did not survive. I didn't want to "jump the gun' and blame Ty Ty for bad plants because there could of be so many confounding variables such as planting them in December. To really see if it was their trees, I placed an order on March 19, 2012. My order was for a Russian Pomegranate, 1 plum tree and 1 apricot tree. My trees arived during the first week of April and I planted them the same day as delivery and in the same method I plant all my trees. Its currently April 21, 2012 and all three of them are sprouting leaves and doing really well. I have come to the conclusion that its probably not the quality of the trees, but rather the time of year you plan to plant them in the ground. I called and spoke to a couple representatives at Ty Ty about my previous order and they told me they probably did not make the winter due to being shipped out to me so late in december but that is not their fault because of the mild winter we got. They said I would have to file and mail them a refund form but I would have to wait till Fall of 2012 to even be considered for a refund and it takes about 3 weeks to approve/deny your request. I dislike the fact I have to wait almost a whole year to receive new plants, but they gave me the option to pay the differece for older trees since I am missing out on a whole spring/summer growing season. Hopefully all goes well.

Just a few tips, when planting new plants try to avoid using new dirt, try to get the tree to establish in its natural environment or if planting in the spring, you can do 2/4 natural dirt mixed with 1/4 sand and 1/4 tree/shrub miracle grow mixes. Make sure you mix it very well, if it feels too thick you can add some more sand, the sand is excellent in helping the dirt drain. Also, I would most definatly mulch the perimeter of the tree; especially heavy amounts during the winter.

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Interesting how GrowThisJake registered with GW the same day he posted his reply and has never posted anything else on any GW forum. Hmmm....

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I've joined this forumn for one reason, which is this: starting in 2006, I began operating a nursery in the state of Arkansas which I named New South Nursery. This enterprise has been up and down over the years but it is currently my full time occupation. I have nothing to do with this nursry in GA, which apparently operates under many different names, one of them being New South Nursery. My business is strictly local, and I don't sell outside the state of Arkansas, but I would like to make the distinction clear.

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I ordered some trees from TyTy Nurseries in October of 2013. Then I did some more homework and read several complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and called back and canceled the order within 24 hrs. I was not charged at the time. But Lee from TyTy nurseries calls me on December 27 to ask about the invoice. I said that I cancelled the order, did not receive any product, and that TyTy had correctly NOT charged me. Then on January 1st, 2014, I get a charge on my credit card for the order I had cancelled. I called Lee back to ask him what happened and he had no record of the account. DO NOT ORDER FROM TYTY Nurseries, they can not be trusted.

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OK, so like I posted a few days ago, I ordered from TYTY late Saturday night and received a confirmation email a few minutes later. My order came today, Wed. The 2 mother banana bulbs have brown spots on the leaves, but the roots look healthy. The 4 blackberry plants seem to be sticks, but I did see some green down by where the roots were wrapped in plastic. I'm not sure if this is normal because I am totally new to growing trees and fruit plants. They sent me a free azelia (sorry about the spelling) plant and the shipping was free. My experience seems to be much better than many on this site. Maybe this company is trying to better, or maybe business has gotten so bad that they have enough inventory to seen out orders in a timely manner. I hope everything grows after I plant them Fri. After visiting other online sites, I realize that their prices for the banana bulbs is very high, guess I should have checked out more sites before buying from TYTY. For now, I will give them 4 out of 5 stars. Will post updates in a few weeks to share progress.

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muscadines978(7, Dalton, Ga.)

I too have had bad experiences with TY TY!!!
They offer bad customer service and the quality of their product sucks. They have great prices, but you get what you pay for!!!

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I stepped out in faith last July 26 of 2013 and purchased plants from TY TY nurseries of Ty Ty GA for $89.25. It was finally in the dead of January 2014 that I received the plants…. (WAY OUT SIDE THE 60 DAY WINDOW OF GETTING A REFUND) Frozen, no real surprise in winter and all.
TY TY nurseries insisted the plants were alive, to plant them, but of course this May, nothing came of them. All the bulbs and the Nectarine tree, which was so precious to me; were indeed, DEAD. Ty TY insisted that I send the dead tree back, (there was no way to find the bulbs) so I dug up the tree and spent half a day in the hot sun trying to pack up the DEAD STICK they sent me, shipped it back for around $30.00.
Today, I get a letter stating that I need to send ANOTHER $20.00 AND send the said letter WITH the dead tree…..that THEY ALREADY HAVE! When I phoned the Company to ascertain as to “what was up with that?” 888 758 2252, They hung up on me. I will NOT send them anymore money, however I will politely insist on my money back.
Sadly I have found on the internet, TY TY is NOT a company to be doing business with, they have “1 star” rating and there are many “customers” (pigeons to be plucked) like me…. OUT of large sums of money. Ty Ty has very poor ratings on MULTIPLE pages and sites, also check out the BBB, Not so good.... "C" Nothing seems to change as I read this forum, should a read up on them before I ordered....

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1 Filbert tree: dead
2 Rajapuri bananas: 1 dead
1 Leconte pear: damaged roots, struggling to survive.

They have a nice selection of trees but what does it matter if they are all nonviable.

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Wow, what a great thread! Thanks for posting.

I was ripped off by Ty Ty Nursery or whoever owned it back in the '90's. Then I think it was "sold," so I didn't pursue my case.

No one should ever have to go through this.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

I found this thread after I ordered last spring and like everyone else, almost all of the bushes I got did not live. The bushes that did survive will never in a million years grow tall enough to be a hedge. That's assuming they live another year. According to them I can file a replacement claim and if they deem it worthy, I can send back the dead bushes at my expense and pay shipping for new bushes. The dead bushes will fit in a brown envelope - IF I can find them. A handful of very thin sticks that have been planted in my yard for 6 months probably won't be there. Buying from them was a very expensive lesson. Their web site has been totally redesigned so now I can't even find the place for testimonials. And at the beginning when my plants arrived looking like a handful of small sticks the phone service was like everyone above.

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muscadines978(7, Dalton, Ga.)


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