Need advise re softwood cuttings

texasoiler2(Z6b)August 7, 2013

I have several shrubs that I would like to propagate by cuttings next spring. My question may seem silly but I am confused as to what one does with the cuttings during the following winter? I live in Oklahoma, zone 6b or possibly 7 with the recent changes in zone charts. I don' thave access to a heated garage, greenhouse or space in my house by a light source. I understand the process of softwood cuttings and the shrubs are crape myrtle, rose ofsharon and forsythia. Here in OK the first frosts for me should be around mid to late October and my be later than that into November. Could you leave the pots out side in protected area since all these shrubs are very hearty here or do they need to be kept from normal winter weather? Thank you for your answer

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Softwood cuttings of the plants you mention, taken in spring, should be hardened enough by fall to survive overwinter, outside with some protection. Al

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Thank you for your advice, I appreciate your prompt reply.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

I agree with Al. I usually put mine under some evergreen shrubs, against the house or on my screened-in porch.

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Place your cuttings in a pot filled with sand (you can do 10 cuttings at a time) Make sure the (play sand) is wet all the way down. Use a pencil and make a hole and place the cutting approx. one inch deep.

Place your pot in a large freezer bag and mist the inside blow some air in the bag and seal it. This will keep your cuttings moist. Place the bag under a tree. Check for condensation in the bag after a week and if condensation is visible, leave it alone. You should have roots in your cuttings after four to five weeks.

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Hi, I'm a newbie to Garden web. Here in Iowa State horticulturalist says it's best to bury the pot so the roots are below ground level. But there is big difference between zone 5 ( really almost zone 4) and your zone 6 or 7. I have always felt better to be safe than sorry. Happy growing.

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