Yellow Bell Pepper Questions

blazepepper(7b)July 23, 2007

I have a plant that seems to be doing well, but I have some questions. It's a sweet yellow bell pepper plant,

Pimiento Morron Dulce Yellow. Currently it has 7 large green peppers on it, several of which are about the size of

a grocery store Bell. My question is, do I harvest before they turn yellow, or will they become completely yellow when they are ready? Someone at work told me that all green red and yellow peppers were the same, that the greens were harvested sooner, then yellow, orange, and finally red?? any truth to this? Sounds doubtful considering my plant is called a yellow sweet bell.


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ardnek710(z6 stlouis)

It's true, green is the unripe color, same goes for jalepenos.
Your "yellow" bells will start green and then turn colors when ripened.
The green bells you buy in the store are just unripe.


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If that is the case, then why are some sold as "yellow", or "red", or "orange"? Just curious. And If I am looking for yellow bells, should I let them get completely yellow before I harvest?

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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

you may find they turn soft before turning completely yellow, and thats just how it goes sometimes. i think thats why they pick the green ones...

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Green peppers are "green" or unripe. They ripen to different colors-red, yellow, orange-they do not all turn red. Your peppers will be sweeter and nicer when they turn yellow--this can seem to take forever.

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I was kind of wondering this too because I have yellow paprika peppers and when I planted them I thought they were red (I'm pretty sure that I ordered the red) but after further inspection of the pack it said that these were yellow paprika and that they were fully ripe when they turned yellow. Now these are a bit tougher than bell peppers because the green is such a light color so it's very hard to tell the difference between the ripe and unripe peppers. Oh well next year I'll make sure to get the right seeds.


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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Wait till they turn yellow. You will NOT be disappointed! The flavor and crispness is worth the wait. Everyone above is correct. The green is just a red, yellow, or orange pepper that hasn't matured yet. But you pay LOTS more for them in the store! Plant all three colors and then use all stages for stir frys or other dishes. Not only makes a beautiful dish, but lots of flavor and texture as well. We use them with a hot Italian sausage dish we prepare. Knocks yer socks off!

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pepbob1(zone5, nh)

Ok Ohiojay, Please dont tease us with "We use them with a hot Italian dish we prepare"... what is the recipe??????? " PLEASE?

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