American Meadows

cre8tivJune 11, 2010

I ordered four climbing hydrangeas from AM. Honestly I don't like ordering plants from a company, that I have never ordered from before. But the other suppliers I have used were out of the hydrangeas, and the garden area was already prepared. The cost of the plants were too reasonable, and I was concerned what quality I would receive. In fact I decided at first not to order them, until I read some reviews and it was obvious they truly go out of their way to take care of problems. (Even if the problems were not caused by them!) They did not tell me how long it would take to fill my order, but I was disappointed when it too about 5-6 weeks. Although when I received the order I was shocked. The plants were beautiful, packed in 6 1/2 pots slightly over 3 feet tall in a four foot boxes. They were secured in large bubble wrap so well, they were in perfect shape. I'm shocked at the quality and price! Looking forward to working with them in the future.

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