What Makes a Butch T a Butch T?

habjolokiaJuly 29, 2012

How would I tell the difference between a Trinidad Scorpion and a TS Butch T?

Bill I do like the 7 Pot / Scorpion read that you recently posted on another thread.

I have bought a TS, all the images of Butch T match what I have, so far all pods about 6 of them are growing true to form but I am waiting to see if any 7 pots form.

Do I have a Butch T or not?

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I wouldn't know. Mine has yet to set a pod. It just started putting out blooms a week or so ago. It has been way behind all my other peppers except for my overwinter Naga...I guess that is just super hots being the last to bear fruit.

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Butch Taylor grew out some Trinidad Scorpion seeds next to some Cumari pepper plants in 2005 or so.
The next year he noticed some of his Scorpions from the seed he saved were hotter and looked different than the other Scorpions he grew.
Butch T's may or may not have crossed with the Cumari.
He doesn't know but the Scorpions that were later known as Butch T's were stable and were tested by Hippy seed Co. for the world record.
I'm not positive but I think the original Scorpions were Trinidad Scorpion Jonah.
Jonah was given as a name to a 7 pot and Scorpion seed because a guy named Jonah brought them to the U.S. with him from wherever-Trinidad...

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Yeah, the Butch T is basically a sub-strain of the regular Trinidad Scorpion. Only real difference that I'm aware of is the heat level. Don't think you can tell them apart just by looking at them.

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Thanks for the info, I will have to try a ripe pod and determine if it is or not. LOL guess thats the only way I will know.

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tigerb8(z8 Mississippi)

I was going over some old pics a month or so ago, even hooked up the old PC with windows 98 (OMG Did we actually have to suffer thru that?lol)to check images, the Scorpions I was growing then look like the ones I grow today, they are a bit rougher on the outside than my mind's image had of them (thats why I was looking them up for in the 1st place), and actually look more like the Moruga, but then again so does the old images of Jonah!

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Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to look and reply to my post. So I just have a Trinidad Scorp non Butch T.

lol yeah all that fell in that class 98, Millennium, Vista the worst we had to suffer.


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Fun side story:

When I was in college to become a computer programmer I joined the IEEE. One day I was attending a speech from a Microsoft rep about their new One Note software suite and he was giving out copies of Vista as door prizes. I didn't win one, but oh well, no big deal.

I was talking to him after the speech and he asked which version of windows I was using. I said I was still using Windows ME.

Wait for it...

The rep said "Oh, I'm so sorry, here..." and pulled a copy of Vista Pro out of his bag and handed it to me.

Even Microsoft was ashamed of ME.

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I think shorty after the release of ME, the military started using it to interrogate enemy pows. It seems they would give up any information just to get away from that crap! :)

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