silver dollar eucalyptus

aquarius1974(z8 SC)August 20, 2005

Trying something new since I think I may be winning with the crape myrtle :))

How is the best way to propagate silver dollar eucalyptus?

I read that they grow easily from seed but I can't find a picture of the seed or how to gather it or when to gather.

Does it root from cuttings because that would suit me better even if it was difficult.


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georgez5il(z5 IL)

I have not dasd any sucess with cuttings only seed

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aquarius1974(z8 SC)

Thanks. Can you describe the seed to me? The ones that I have seen recently have a cross shaped thing on the stem with the leaves. Is this the seed?

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Eucalyptus seeds are like dust. What you describe Aquarius 1974 is probably the fruit. If they are ripe, place them in a paper bag and they will eventually drop the seed,

Eucalyptus, for the vast majority of us, are as good as impossible to propagage from cuttings.

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Does anyone have any ideas of how I should go about seeding eucalyptus silver dollar? Do I need to cover the seed? What temp. does it need to germ? How long does it take to germ and be ready for a salable 4" pot?

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