Makaha Sunn... Success, I think it will live!

disneyhorse(10A)August 20, 2013

So I did fall in love with Makaha Sunn despite warnings of it being temperamental and delicate... It was my one "had to have" even though I am a newbie and could end up killing it. They aren't cheap, even a rooted small single tip, but of course I fell in love with this big SUPER fat cutting from Matt H.
I planted a ton of assorted cuttings two months ago and all except this one took off within a few weeks... But this one had no leaves emerging and decided to sunburn instead. So it wore its little toilet paper tubes and didn't get any water like its neighbors got. It didn't shrivel at all so I've been having breakfast every morning next to it and talking to it :). Or begging maybe.
This week it got a TON of leaves so it will get its first water now!!!
Thanks to everyone for posting advice, I think you helped this little guy live for now. I hope I can keep it alive for next year, it might be "the one" that gets to sleep in the house :). I'm sooooo excited to see leaves though, you have no idea!

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a big congrats to you....roxanne

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


She is a beauty!!!

Great feeling eh?


I don't blame you... I will have a few trees eating breakfast with me too!!!


Pretty work!!!


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Great job, it looks very healthy. Barb

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maark23 TX/8a

Great job! I know the feeling! Lol!


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Nice! That is a gorgeous MS tree and it looks very healthy! I have 2. I got one in 2011 and one this year as a spare. My older one still hasn't bloomed. I think they have to get some considerable size on them before they bloom. I've seen others complaining about how long they take to bloom. I'm putting the older one in the ground next spring and giving it a moderate bloom booster that others have used with great success.

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Looking good, disneyhorse! I think most of us know the feeling of worrying over that special one. Hope it continues to do well.

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kt2fl(okla z7)


If you got the cutting from Matt in June, we may have sibling cuttings lol. I gave in and bought one from him as well. Though mine is only a 2-tipper, its size is comparable to yours. I was surprised at how quickly it rooted in about 4 weeks.

After my 2nd MS plant aborted its inflo this spring. I hope I'll get to see this new one bloom in a month or two. Third time is a charm.


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