Cubawashere(6A)August 1, 2012

I just ordered about $45 worth of different seeds, and I'm hoping to get good results. As far as searching on this site for prior reviews, I didn't find anything. However, I also looked on "Dave's Garden" site and there is a review there. It's up in the air according to them... reviews from as far back as 08 to present and scores were all over the board. Many recieved there shipments but were uncontent with the results of germination. Others were completely satisfied. Once I have recieved and have my own experience with them, I will also post follow-ups both on this site and "Dave's Garden". Thanks in advance for any added input.... below is just clips of what I ordered as reference.

Thank you for your order!

INVOICE: 211844

SHIPPING LOCATION --------------

NAME: Cuba





1 0D1164 Golden Mimosa $ 1.95

1 0D2977 Ginko Biloba $ 2.25

1 0D4555 Winter Sweet $ 3.50

1 0D5111 Sensitive Plant $ 2.25

1 0FA34 Gautemalian Ponytail Palm $ 2.95

1 0FB142 Metallic Palm $ 2.25

1 0P18 Traveler's Palm $ 2.95

1 0P52 Jelly Palm $ 2.50

1 0Z2003 Cold Hardy Palmetto $ 5.95

1 0Z2504 Mazari Palm $ 5.95

1 0Z2824 Waggie Palm $ 3.95

1 RHM905 Fragrant Cuban Thatch Palm $ 3.95

1 TRM044 Japanese Andromeda $ 2.95


SHIPPING: 3.95 Shipping and Handling/Packaging



TOTAL: 47.30

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well I just recieved my order (3days later) and this is how it came...Also came with complimentary stakes to mark names....1st upper hand is main baggy and reads:
Please read before opening this package!
The enclosed seeds have been tested for germination by the growers as required by the federal law seeds are packaged in a our seed filling facility in Vancleave, MS. We guarantee the enclosed seeds confirm to the label description as required by state and federal seed laws within recognized tolerances. All seeds are covered under our satisfaction guaranteed, we will reaplace any seeds that do not germinate properly.
Limited Warranty
We warrant to the extent of the purchase price that seeds sold are as described on the package within recognized tolerances. Seller gives no further warranty express or implied. If you do not agree to these terms, return seeds unopened to the address above for a full refund.
ALL SEEDS IN THIS PACKAGE ARE FOR THE 2012/2013 GROWING SEASON., Drawer 5427, Vancleave, MS 39565
State of MS Seedman's permit #60

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This is pic of back of packets received.... each packet has a brief and basic intructions pertaining that specified seed. Here's one example:
FB142 Metallic Palm
Chamaedorea metallica
Soak seeds for 24 hours in warm water then plant 1/2" deep in sand/loam mixture. Keep mixture damp, but not too wet. Provide warth/bright light. Germination can take several weeks to a few months.
CAUTION: Treated with Sevin Dust. Wash hands with soap and water after handling seedlings.
Seed source: USA Lot: PT1472w Package size: 10 seeds

D1164 Golden Mimosa
Acacia baileyana
Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours, then plant inside trays in good, well draining potting mix. Give warmth and bright light. Germination slow and irregular over a several month period
Seed source: USA Lot: MA-35356 Package size: 5 seeds

I am trying one seed of each and 3 of Pieris japonica. Find out how quickly they germinate (if they do) and how long it took. I'll try to keep doing follow-ups n checkin routinely, even if I don't actually put up a post :-)
((crossing fingers))

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Not one germinated this time.... I gave them 3 months. Quite disappointed with them (Seedman site) this time around. I even tried a new batch of seeds and tried for 2 months as for my patience had run out by then. I wound up buying a Phalaenopsis orchid and a Beaucarnea recurvata. So far the orchid has been forming some new buds and soon flower which I hear is quite hard to do. Glad to see such a nice specimen on both buys although I bought them both at a local Walmart where they were both being abused by being over watered. To have both plants survive and continue thriving makes up for my loss from Seedman's site. I will continue to search for different genres of ponytail palms in seed form from different sites, for they are one of my favorite plants to date.

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I ordered seeds of Nicotiana mutabilis, as well as some nasturtiums (boring, I know, but I liked the color he offered). I usually buy seed from Botanical Interests, but they don't stock N. mutabilis. The packet of Nicotiana contained few seeds, each rolled in a white substance. There were relatively few seeds compared to the N. sylvestris seeds I received from Botanical Interests. And not one of the seedman seeds germinated. I wrote to and Jim shipped me an additional packet at no charge. The second packet failed to germinate, too. Not a single seed was viable. Of the nasturtiums four germinated. I cannot recommend seedman.

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Kim Tran

Hi Cubawashere(6A) , I am so glad to find your message. I was thinking of ordering from them! Thank you for your review! Do you know any reliable place that I can buy seeds ? Thanks.

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