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kittens(Zone 5)August 7, 2011

I'm attempting to convert my perennial gardens into shrub gardens and would like to bump up my shrub inventory via propagating. Early on in my gardening efforts I wasn't very successful with the rooting hormone. So, I normally would just stick cuttings in potting soil (or water vase) and transplant in the fall if they've made it. I would like to bump up my success rate now since I have a purpose and have been lurking posts. I noticed that different percentages of rooting hormone are recommended for different species. Is there a rule of thumb on this or a guide I could reference? I have .10% - is that sufficient for most? If memory serves me correctly, I believe I was getting a lot of mold using the rooting hormone before. Was that because I used too much RH or just a moisture/circulation issue?

And on another note, is there any listings specific to Zone 5 on propagating (when to take cuttings, etc)? I'm trying to familiarize myself with just what is hardy in my zone. Most of my shopping is done at the box stores and I'm finding variety seems somewhat limited.

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I purchase a 0.9% rooting hormone then dilute with a fungicadal power to get desired strengths....The mold/fungal growth is a function of to wet soil & circulation problem.
I do not know of a single site for information My stand-by is a "Reference Manual of woody plant propagation" bY durr & Heuser
Most of my tips come from years of working with plants

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kittens(Zone 5)


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There is a GW forum for gardening in the Midwest - correspond with the folks there - they are very willing to answer your questions:

Here is a link that might be useful: Zone 5 gardening

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kittens(Zone 5)

Gosh, I'd never read that forum before. They have a lot of interesting discussions going. Thanks for the link.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Can you give brand name of rooting hormone? Normally I used powdered Rootone..would love to try using a liquid but where do I find it?

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john_ny(z6/7 Sunset 34)

Pippi - Hormodin and Hormex are powdered types. Dip N Grow is a liquid. Just Google these names.

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