newbie trying weigela and escallonia

lazygardener(z8 OR ,Bverton)August 26, 2007

This is the first time I am trying root method.

I have used root hormone from Home Depot for this. It has been about 3 weeks. The leaves of Weigela look quite wilted. I am now watering them once a day. The wilting of the leaves bothers me. Is there still chance they can make it ?


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The plants you are trying to root are among the easiest. It sounds like you have left too much foliage on your cuttings. The leaves are transpiring away the energy from the cutting instead of putting it into growing roots. Remove more leaves, and you may have to cover with a plastic tent or mist to raise the humidity and stop the transpiration which is causing the wilting. Al

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Hi LG,

I put instructions on "My Page" on how to root softwood cuttings. Weigela is a very easy one. Don't water, just mist the leaves once or twice a day. And Calistoga is right it needs to be in a mist tent. You can make a really fast one by getting a clear plastic/garbage bag, three sticks and a twist tie. Just put the cuttings in a pot of perlite mist just the leaves and make a tent with the bag and sticks and tie the top closed. But check out my instructions for a more detailed explanation.

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lazygardener(z8 OR ,Bverton)

What next ? Looks like both have survived the winter. Should I leave these in pots or plant them in to earth soon.


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If these were propagated outside over the winter they should be in good condition to plant in the garden. If they have been inside over the winter I would harden them for a week or so before planting in the garden. Al

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