cuttings off Avocado?

dlingyAugust 24, 2006

is it possible to take cuttings off an avocado tree?

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I have never heard of starting avocado from cuttings. The usual method is from seed and then bud or graft onto the seedling. Al

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Yes it is, I've done it. It takes a long time, though, and I only had about 45% rooting success off of about 60 cuttings.

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While I agree with propag8 that avocado cuttings are difficult to propagate (I have had about 33% success), it is actually the preferable method as avocados grown from seed are not true the parent plant, whereas with cuttings, you will know what you're getting.

Here is my method for propagation:

cut a young shoot at the point where it joins to another branch. dip into a rooting compound suitable for softwoods (anything stronger will be too much). place in a well watered pot of potting soil. cover with a clear plastic bag and put on a sunny windowsill or outside if it's spring/summer. check after 2 weeks by giving the shoot a gentle tug.

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That is pretty interesting, your method of rooting avocado.

About how long, in inches, would the cutting be?

Is the cutting all green and flexible, or some of it woody?

Do you take a mallet of the joining branch?

What time of year does this work best? anytime?

Would it seem that airlayering would also work? maybe removing a band of bark and treating with hormone?


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Very Interesting, Thank You!
I have grown many from seed but have yet to attempt growing from a cutting or grafting, airlayer or otherwise.
I'll try your method!

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