Gaia Yoga Nursery ---Slackers, scammers or what?!

insipidtoastAugust 16, 2010

Since contacting this nursery about a month ago. I received a prompt response email to my inquiry regarding katuk cuttings, okinawan spinach and miracle fruit. I then asked for a price quote.......No response. After a few phone calls spaced out over a couple of weeks I finally got someone on the phone. They gave me a quote for shipping. So I went on their website to find out how to pay them. They won't take paypal or debit or credit cards. Which leaves these options: money order, sending cash, sending checks. I'm definitely not comfortable with the latter two options, so I headed to my nearest moneygram kiosk and spent ten minutes on the phone talking to the representative about the only payment info provided by the Gaia Yoga Nursery website. The representative assured me that they had no info about this company. So, I also tried western union, but since this nursery doesn't provide the owner's name a money order cannot be completed with western union either. How on earth does this nursery expect to be paid?! Is it a scam?

Does anyone have experience with them? Please share and enlighten.

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