'Autumn Ridge Nursery' BEWARE!!!!!

wilted_flower(z9 CA)August 19, 2007

Lesson: "IF it looks too good to be true, it IS!"

I'm sure you also view other gardening sites. Might also check the reviews on Dave's site.

I was lucky, loosing under $35. Many other reviews have lost hundreds!

Online Nursery:

Mailing Address:

Caller Box 750-Dept. PL

McMinnville, Tennessee 37110 (United States)

Phone: 931-474-3386

Fax: 931-474-3387

I bought four bare-root roses. Waited sometime then contacted them to find out what happened to my roses. They sent them PARCEL POST....well by the time they reached me in California they were all dried up and dead.

I contacted them and they never responded. I contacted them several times. Finally in the snail mail an offer to replace them arrived ...catch...I had to send them half the payment I had already paid for the dead roses. WHY would I do that?

I did manage to save ONE of the four. It was suppose to be a KORDES PERFECTA...one bloom finally and it's a common scrambling no name, RED rose and not a very pretty one either.

They have NO customer support, don't bother. They don't live up to the promise they make and they don't return emails.

I learned well. I wouldn't buy a pencil from this company and HIGHLY suggest no one wastes one cent on this company!

This is a loose loose company!

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I wish I would have done some research before I placed our $200 order! It all started in early April '07, I placed our order online and they charged us right away. A month & 1/2 later, our order came in the tiny cardboard tube-same as other people in other areas of this forum...moldy newspaper with some gel and 25 tiny hemlock's worth of needles and other misc. leaves at the bottom. We tried everything like some of the other posters talking about this company in other areas of this forum have. Everything was dead. I finally got them to send out a replacement one month later and it wasn't even the same order and I honestly don't know what most of it was, but it too, was all dead, but again I tried to salvage some things and I now have ONE lonely bush that has survived. I kept getting the runaround all summer that they would be refunding our entire order total to our card. Week after week and month after month...same story. After realizing this refund was never going to happen, I called at the beginning of August and was totally abused verbally on the phone after only asking what the status of my refund was. This guy totally went off on me and said we don't deserve a refund and he put a good male customer on hold to deal with my crap, etc., etc. I hung up in tears. I have never been treated that way before and I was just in shock. I finally called again at the end of August now and now mysteriously they never give out refunds and will send me another replacement in October or maybe next spring and they are "done" talking to me. (I am certain that I'll never receive anything from them next spring)They claim they have never refunded anyone and will not refund my money because it wouldn't be fair to the other customers. He also said I should have sent all the dead stuff back to them and that they can't trust that any of their customers know what they are doing, and that for all they know, everything was alive and I let it die. He just kept making accusations that it was somehow our fault and then said, "only God can make something grow-it's out of my control". They sent our order back in May the slowest way via the USPS, so it took 3 weeks...and after saying they'd send the replacement FedEx 2-day, they used the 3 week service from the USPS again. It's hopeless. No matter what you say, they treat you like crap and blame it on you. We paid $200 for one very young bush, and I have learned a big lesson. Autumn Ridge Nursery should not be in business, but they are, and we all have to research any company we buy from online. There are too many greedy & mean scammers out there these days.

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This is somewhat off topic but for those of you that have paid with a credit card and received a bad product you can always file a complaint with your CC company.

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I noticed this company doesn't have a street address. Thats always a warning sign.

I would report this company to the Tennessee BBB and Attorney General. You might also want to post your complaint on Craigslist.



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bought 3 cherry trees. All 3 died (never grew). They replaced them. 2 out of 3 replacements died. the one that survived turned into a crabapple, not a cherry!!

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I live near McMinville and everyone tells me that thats the place to GO. so I drove there the other day, and all I saw was CRAP! Dried out trees! half dead shrubs!! Men who are so off the wall, knew nothing of what they were selling. Basically its a small town with alot of open land so everyone thinks they can grow something.

Stay Away!

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Customer service was okay, they even gladly re-shipped some dead stock. Four years later though, only ONE thing has survived - a flowering almond "twig" that is about 2 ft high and had about 5 flowers on it this past spring. This was out of about 40 things that I ordered!

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toadsrcool(z5 CT)

I also got totally taken by this company. I filed a better business bureau complaint and they couldn't care less.
They sent me all the wrong plants. I received things that never grew. They did resend things but they were either also dead or the wrong plant. It took 3-4 weeks for delivery so roots were rotted and moldy. Too bad, their pictures are great!

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Post your complaint of Craigslist?? Why?

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Bought 16 trees six years ago; bareroot apples mostly but also pears peaches plum and peaches and received bareroot starters about the size of a number two pencil. I have nurtured them into beautiful trees and they started fruiting last year and two the year before. All crabapples and ornamental pears; I was heartbroken for all the work. I think that some sold as apples are an ornamental cherry. I went on line to complain and read your posting. Thanks for doing this great service. My plan is to graft this spring and I have been studying how on the net.

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Thank you. I was just getting ready to order from this company when I read all the posts.

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I bought almost $200 from them. None of the plant is true and good. I had to cut them down. What a waste of money and engergy. Now when you serach this nursery, there is another company called SummerStone nursery comes up. The picture,price,and selling stratage are almost the same as Autumn Ridge.It is located at TN also. I wonder that is the same company changes the name and doing their mokey business. Is anybody can contact TN good business bureau or google and find out?

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