Home Depot, why throw out healthy plants?

RescueplantsAugust 3, 2014

The other day I went to HD located in Rhode Island. There was a HUGE, long table with only blueberry plants. There were 2.5 quarts for $3.99 each and larger for $7. I told my husband about it since it would be nice to get another for our yard. Well, the next day there was not one to be found. I asked the cashier (someone who really didn't care) where they all went. She said that the vendor came in and told them to throw them all out. I said, "are you kidding me, there had to be 30+ plants that were healthy, NOTHING wrong with them". She said, "yeah, and there was another woman asking about them, and they were throwing them in the dumpster." I couldn't believe it (what a sin my mother would say). A few years back something similar happened where they were throwing out these plants that needed TLC and they would NOT sell them to us, they put them behind a fence and said they would be throwing them out. So what are they making room for? Mums!! How many mums could they sell?? To throw out a perennial like that which could supply fruit for years is just crazy to me. In the end, we went to our local nursery and bought 2 very large blueberry varieties and a nice Bee Balm for fun. Yes, we should have just gone local, but I just really can't understand what some of these box stores are doing. Who else has a story like this to share? Or who knows where these dumpsters full of plants go? A landfill?

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kimmsr (really Grubby_AZ)

The growers guarantee each plant for the seller, and when the grower says a plant is a loss, and covers the cost, the seller cannot sell it as it would be defrauding the grower.

In the rather horrid movie SHOWGIRLS, Kyle MacLachlan points at a slot machine and says something like "we do an individual profit and loss statement on every single machine." It's all numbers, formulas, and break points.

Home Depot is a money generating machine that incidentally uses plants in some of its parts. It's all numbers, formulas, and break points.

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The box stores adhere to this I have a local store "Westlake Hardware" they will mark the stuff down to almost free that's when I fill my cart my wife says it's like I'm bringing home stray puppies you can't stand to see them suffer.

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