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StampededAugust 26, 2013

These folks are notoriously horrible with regard to customer service, maybe as bad as any American-based internet company I've ever encountered. What I've read in this string only reinforces what I experienced - - they treat everyone this way. Here's my story - -

I ordered some seed from these folks. Buffalo grass. The seed barely germinated, even though I did exactly what needs to be done to replace a bluegrass lawn with buffalograss. Glyphosate the year before, scatter the seed the next spring, towed a drag behind an ATV to mis them into the soil, and then watered judiciously for weeks. Barely any germination whatsoever. Almost as if these folks repackaged old seed, although I realize that buffalograss can remain viable as a seed for 7-9 years. Rather than send out stolons (runners spreading across the surface of the soil) as buffalograss was supposed to do, our grass was actually rhizominous (spreadng underneath the soil).

I sent a note to outsidepride asking them about the germination rates. We bounced a couple of emails back and forth, during which time Troy from outsidepride was verbally abusive. I told him I would work hard to inform potential customers about outsidepride in the hopes that they thought long and hard before doing business with these folks. His response:

"Buddy, we will have 75,000 orders this year. We run a 98% approval rating on Amazon. We don't even market any more because we don't have to. I am pretty sure we do just fine. The result was not insulting, it was fact."

Apparently the second sentence is true. They sure don't market, based on how they treat customers.

Stay the heck away from this company if you think you might ever need to follow up with them for additional information. They will kick you out the door. Caveat emptor - buyer beware.

Please RUN, don't walk away from outsidepride. Take your business elsewhere.

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