Glitzy Catalogs

fleur_guySeptember 28, 2008

Is it just me or does it seem as though the suppliers that

have the most problems with customer service or sub-par

plants send out the Glitziest catalogs to lure you in?

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You are very observant! That is exactly their intentions, lure unsuspecting gardeners with their perfect photos, very often retouched and glowing reports of plant performance.
What you will receive is a half-dead or totally dead, bare root something or other, in a plastic bag, filled with dry moss. Complaints are often totally ignored or rejected because you failed to comply with their warranty terms.
If you receive any catalog with a return address in Bloomington, IL, Lawrenceburg, IN or Ty Ty, GA, best to use it to kindle a fire in the fireplace or place in the nearest recycle bin. You have to be especially careful about the shysters in Ty Ty, GA, as their reputation became so dismal, they now use dozens of pseudonyms and rent PO Boxes in nearby towns to avoid detection. You won't find them listed at Dave's GardenWatchDog, because they threatened legal action if all negative comments about their nefarious companies weren't removed from the site.

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You get what you pay for. In most cases, these catalogues are free. And someone has to pay the colour printing and mass distribution costs.

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