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dancinglemons(7B VA)September 4, 2009

Hello all,

I love to "Q" do you?? Well there is an exception. I do not purchase plants from QVC unless there is a REALLY good price and plant size. Let me explain.

Cottage Farms - one of the plant sellers on QVC has the smallest plants most in 2-4 inch pots. I have found the past 2-3 years that these same plants can be purchased from Lowe's and Home Depot for less AND the plants are larger. I purchased Artic Kiwi male and female plants from QVC because I thought they were not available locally. I received two 2 inch pots with one plant in each. This is what I expected -but- I did not expect a plant that is less than 1 year old and only 4 inches tall with almost no root mass. I later found the same variety Kiwi at Home Depot in a 1 gallon pot for 50% less when you factor in the shipping fees from QVC.

I purchased Cottage Farms Chandler Blueberry plants from QVC because I liked the idea of having big blueberries the size of cherrys. I received three 4 inch pots with nice healthy plants - small plants. I later found Chandler Blueberries at Lowe's in 1 gallon pots - yada yada yada - less money for bigger older plants.

Roberta's Unique Gardens This plant vendor on QVC has some unique plants and many citrus tree varieties. This summer I found many of the 'rare & hard to find" (not) Roberta's plants available locally for less. In all honesty I must say that Roberta's plants are usually bigger and better grown than those of Cottage Farms. I have a Meyer Lemon and a Kumquat tree from Roberta's that were very good size when I received them.

Word to the wise - shop locally when you see a plant that you want on QVC. You might find that same plant for 50% less and no shipping cost.


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