Plumerias in northern CA

springpaintingsAugust 2, 2011

Anyone has any luck growing plumerias in northern CA? I just love these flowers and want to grow them in my yard without having to bring them in for the winter. I'm new to growing plumerias. So far I have 2 plants that I bought since March of this year from southern CA. Then yesterday, my luckiest day ever! I went to Home Depot (not expecting to find anything since they usually just stock the same plants). I couldn't believe my eyes, I ran to get a shopping cart and scooped up 3 of the 7 plumerias there. I know you must be thinking why didn't I get all 7 of them? I then went to another Home Depot and got 3 more. I went crazy =D coundn't help myself. This is the first year I see plumerias for sale in northern CA.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

It all comes down to freezing temperatures. If you get freezing temperatures then you have to protect your plants. they are like water pipes. If you freeze them they burst. Check your local statistics for your lowest temperatures between December and March. Bill

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Thanks Bill. By the way, do you how long does it take for these cuttings to flower? I read online that it may take 3 seasons (3 years?). I hope I can keep these alive for 3 years til they flower. Thanks

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Northern California is a BIG region....

There's no way they'll survive up here in the Sierra Nevada foothills.
The only way we grow them is by starting indoors under lights, then moving them
outside until about October, and then finishing the bloom under lights indoors.
And then the pests....


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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Your question about the flowering times... It depends on what variety and many other factors. I have cuttings I bought this year with inflos (blossoms). Only time will tell. However, cuttings will produce inflos much faster than seedlings, those can take up to 7 years depending on the variety!

Good luck. I think if you really like plumerias, and you are up to the work involved in colder weather, it can definitely be done. Some people use greenhouses if you don't have room in your house. Once they go dormant, you can store them in the garage, protected from the cold. Look at some of the people on this website, for imistance Minnesota? If they cado it, you too can do it... If you want to go to the trouble. Good luck, and welcome!!!

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