scam/fraud alert! avoid directgardening & all affiliate s!!

honeyb1September 24, 2013

This is NOT a nursery! They are a Web Design company that takes Your money & Eventually sends you Garbage.( Read ALL the Complaints!) I placed order, was excited to find scrubs I needed, got an email confirmation #. I was told that money is not taken Until order is ready to ship. LIE! I was told they are a Nursery. LIE! I called to check status of order, gave them Their Order # only to be told that that number meant Nothing & that they go by my Zip Code. WTH? More time was spent explaining DORMANT Plants to be, I'M AN AVID GARDENER! I called a few times, got the Run Around, Did Research on this Company & BAAM! NOT GOOD!! Direct is Also House of Wesley, Inter State Nursery, Kelly's Nursery, Burgess Seed and Several Other names. ALL of them are set up & Owed by a Web Design Co. that when you click on the ABOUT US button, you find Nothing more then Legal Crap that says Everything you do on Their site, any info, photos etc. Are THEIR property. NOTHING about Gardening, Nurseries or anything related! I made contact requesting my money & got several emails stating that I can't get my money Because my order MAY have shipped but they have NO way of knowing. Again, WTH?? DON'T LET THEIR WEB PAGES FOOL YOU!!! Read the MANY Complaints dating back YEARS and AVOID being RIPPED OFF by this Bogus Group of resellers!! I have read that much of what they do send, when they send, IS Dead, but I can't say because I'm OUT $$ & have Received NOTTHING! I am Shocked that this PYRAMID SCAM has not been shut down by the attorney General, Feds, Postal Fraud Police or Somebody! Oh, by the way, They have a place on Their Web Site that Offers Anybody to set up Web Site, Selling Crap & You too can get a Percent of Any Sales made From your Nursery Web Page that THEY will put up for you.( At s Cost I'm Sure!) BUYER BEWARE, DO YOUR RESEARCH, Try Spring hill Nursery, Michigan Bulb, Jackson Perkins... ETC. ETC. Don't Be Fooled by Prices TOO Good To Be True!! Your Wallet WILL Thank You as will your Garden!! If you choose to ignore ALL the Complaints REMEMBER, YOU WERE WARNED!!
Happy Gardening to ALL

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