Logee's Greenhouse vs. Sequim Rare Plants

johnsaunt(7)October 13, 2011

On October 2nd I ordered some viola odorata plants from Sequim Rare Plants and also from Logee's Greenhouse.

The Sequim plants arrived three days later -- big plants with huge root balls.

The Logee's plants arrived ten days after ordering -- smaller root balls and much smaller plants that were somewhat dried out.

The Sequim's price was a little bit lower and the shipping costs were about the same.

So I definitely recommend Sequim.

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Update: Although initially I was disappointed in Logee's compared to Sequim, I have changed my mind. The Logee plants started to bloom several weeks ago. The violets are the fragrance that I remember from my childhood! So far I've had only 5 or 6 flowers, but I've had none from the Sequim plants.

I'll post again in the spring with another update.


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