Questions about styrofoam floating seed germination method

daogirlAugust 2, 2012

So, a bunch of seeds that I have floating in their little boats have started sprouting roots. When do I move them from the styrofoam to a soil-mix? Can I do it at this point, or should I wait longer? I read in someone's post that they leave them in the "boats" until the cotyledon leaves appear - but how does that happen if the styrofoam is essentially cinching the seed in the middle?

Also, do y'all change out the water at any point? I'm using a mix of H2O2 and water with a drop of ST, but I don't want these guys to rot or anything.

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Hi daogirl, I move mine to soil as soon as there is a root showing. Keep misting to get the wings off. Peg

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My big mistake was waiting for the cotyledon leaves but the seeds mushed up before that ever happened.

I did partial water changes. Maybe I should just have left them alone.

The only one that I have had to root was stuck in the gritty mix.

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