Butterfly Bush Cuttings

Bruster(z5MI)August 20, 2005

Thought I would ask another question this week of my favorite web community. My Butterfly bushes are about done flowering and I am curious if it is ok to take some cutting's now and stick them. Has anyone had luck with cutting's from these after they are spent?



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Now is best time. I have best luck with half-hard, i.e. dark, but still pliable stems.

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Thanks Brenda near Eno, I will get busy with taking cutting's. Should I also use rooting hormone and how often should I mist the cutting's?

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AgastacheMan(z7 CA)

Rooting hormone, misting, and maintain no evidence of dampening off or botrytis. I take cuttings in the Spring through early fall, given that I have enough time before frost that the cuttings become hardened off and that the outer cambium layer is hardwood on the trunk of the plant.

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sdafamily(Z 6- tenn.)

i also need to do cuttings but my bush is only a stem!
it never puts out branches and wants to act like a vine! help! i want to cut it down alot and stick cuttings...
will this work?

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cindy_newgardener(z6 CT)

I'm really new at this, but I just potted up three butterfly bush cuttings that I started in oasis cubes about three weeks ago. I kept the cubes moist and sure enough, after watching and waiting, ROOTS!!

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Cindy, what is oasis cubes?

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cindy_newgardener(z6 CT)

Oasis is floral foam that has been described in recent posts as a rooting medium. I wish I knew how to post a link to the thread but if you search for "Ladysmith" who was the original poster, you can get all the info needed to try this method.

I started lavender, butterfly bush, verbena, salvia, hydrangea, sage and a few others about 3 weeks ago, and I have been potting the little plants up, cubes and all, as I see roots coming out of the floral foam.

I just cut the foam in about 1 inch cubes, soaked them until they were wet, drained off any excess water, poked a little hole in the top, and dipped the cuttings in rooting hormone. I put them in a plastic tray in my bathroom window (biggest window sill in the whole house!) and every time the cubes got light green (the color of oasis when its dry) I'd add more water and drain off any water that didn't get absorbed.

Of course, my DH wants to know what I plan on doing with all these little plants because I think he wants his bathroom back!

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Has anyone found the link for establishing butterfly bush cuttings in Oasis. I just can't seem to find it. :)
Thanks! Jason

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I did a search and found a link to it in another post, but Gardenweb cannot find it.

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Try this link. I contains at least some of the information.

Here is a link that might be useful: foam board cuttings

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Ok, thank you so much! Its very helpful!

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I noticed folks were trying to learn about Oasis Brick for propagation. I used this technique regularly and it is quite successful.

Oasis Brick is simply floral foam (that dry green stuff) - you can get it at Walmart, Michaels Crafts, Joann Crafts, or if all else fails, call your local florist and buy a piece from them.

The trick to success is to soak the brick in water about 30 minutes before use and to pre-pierce the block before adding the root with its preparation mixture. Then place your soaked brick in a clay pot with a saucer. Only water from the bottom making certain the Oasis Brick is moist - not soaking - during the rooting process. Keep the propagating plant in a cool, shady area that gets a good amount of light.

Before you know it, you will have success!

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missmelon(Zone 5 Indiana)

I just trimed my little butterfy bush because it is in a cramped corner. I have never used rooting hormone. My indoor plant cuttings I just put them in water until I see suffient roots for potting. I have never propagated plants outside. If I buy some rooting hormone, what else can I use it for

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token28001(zone7b NC)

What else can you use the hormone for?

A few things. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagation technique by plant.

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wyndyacre(z6B SW Ont.)

I posted a tutorial with photos, on propagating butterfly bushes by cuttings, early this spring. Here's a link to the post for anyone who's interested...

Here is a link that might be useful: Butterfly Bush Propagation from Cuttings with Photos

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