negative-herbroots aka sandmountainherbs

bluespiritartist(5A)December 12, 2013

Also known as HERBROOTS which I have posted on that as well. When I sent payment in for ground nuts and passionflower vines through pay pal Oct. 23rd 2013, never received an acknowledgment for the payment which should have been my first red flag, since then i have tried many times to e-mail through SANDMONTAINHERBS, HERBROOTS, personal e-mails and even on facebook and they will not acknowledge me, I've only stated that if they would please let me know when they would be shipped so I would be home to receive them now that temps are in the low teens at night and daytime around 20 degrees. Never sent any rude e-mails and yet still they do not answer back. If by any SLIM chance they are honorable and will send live healthy plants and not dead ones like some people do to get out of paying back what they owe, I will come back in and apologize and make right on my ratings BUT since I will not hear from them, I will be posting over the many plant sites I belong to and some I don't and even other places just to warn people. I know I'm not the only person with an extremely limited income and cannot afford this to happen again. There goes my chance for some Christmas gifts and I'm getting fed up with cheesy companies that WILL NOT stand behind an HONORABLE system. Truly, BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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