Other names for 4 Seasons Nursery and Burgess

bstnh1(5)December 29, 2009

Here are the names this horrible outfit does business under according to the BBB. They all h ave a "D" rating with the BBB.

Additional DBA Names: Richard Owen Nursery

Farmer Seed & Nursery

Four Seasons Nursery

Inter-State Nurseries

Exciting Gardens

Royal Dutch Gardens

Honeycreek Nurseries, LLC

Kelly Nurseries

Plantron, Inc.

Burgess Seed & Plant Company

Direct Gardening

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Avoid like the plague! Last year I did a lot of planting. Counting bulbs, plant divisions and perennials I planted over 300 plants. Out of all those I had exactly 5 plants that did not grow back. 4 were ornamental grasses from directgardening.com. They were the only plants I got from them. I got plants from neighbors, relatives, easywdflowers.com, prairie moon nursery, and my local menards and home depot. So the plants I got from direct gardening had a 100% mortality rate and the direct gardening plants were 80% of my plant losses.

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I've suspected as much when I noticed similar addresses on many of these catalogs. This is the only site I found that verified that thought. Though I don't understand why one company would operate under so many different names. If only to fool consumers into thinking they were all different companies, so that if one got bad reviews the others would still get business.

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