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tanyuu((5/6 - South IN))December 11, 2012

My first review so far will be on Gardeningbylee (http://myworld.ebay.com/gardeningbylee/). I bought some daisy, geranium, and begonia seeds from this seller. His plants come packaged in a bubble wrap envelope, each with their own little plastic baggy that is labeled. Inside each baggie is general instructions. I also received some bonus seeds with my purchase!

The begonias and geraniums I have planted already due to wanting some sprouts to chase away the winter gloom. The germination rate has been very good so far- almost all the seeds have sprouted.

The one downside is that they do not supply scientific names for their seeds, at least in the case of the ones I have. That makes finding further instructions online difficult.

Note: I was surprised about people's recommedations for newbies to avoid ebay, but I understand why. I've been getting seeds and plants from ebay for about a year and had great success with plants, while seeds (but ebay and commercially bought) have mostly suffered due to my inexperience. Since this is the first year I'll actually be planting seeds correctly, I'll review the sellers I'm buying from as I grow them. I tend to buy from sellers with very low numbers of seeds per pack, as I don't have a lot of space and it leaves more room to try several different kinds.

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tanyuu((5/6 - South IN))

I finally was burned by my Ebay purchases- turns out the begonias were some sort of alfalfa seed, while the coleus were generic coleus seed, rather than specific kinds.

I've had luck with other sellers, however!

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tanyuu did you open up a dispute so you can get your money back? or atleast post the users name (if that is allowed here) so he can be reported... thanks

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