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gdionelli(z6 WV)December 5, 2007

This company, located in Massachusetts, sells only seeds packaged in Italy, mostly by Franchi, a few by Bavicchi. The packaging is beautiful, and very sturdy - hermetically sealed, and the quantities larger than you would get of US seeds for the same price (example: for $2.50 I got 5000 Bolloso Napoletano basil seeds!) They carry a nice variety of Italian vegetables and herbs, as well as some flowers. Although the packages are printed in Italian, there are labels in English stuck on, with not only planting directions but germination rates (guaranteed.) I ordered agretti, which is a little-known vegetable, and Bill enclosed handwritten directions and suggestions for staggering plantings. The turnaround between ordering and receipt of order was very quick.

Highly recommended!

Here is a link that might be useful: Seeds from Italy

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Thanks!! I had an order made up from their website. Nice to know from an actual customer that they have good product AND good service. I will be ordering this week!!!

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

I did not order until shortly after Christmas. I received my order in less than a week. I am REALLY satisfied with the quantity of seeds. The service was really fast.


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vall3fam(9 CentralCA)

Ordered on Dec. 31 and received seeds Jan 5. Great time to go coast to coast! Nice selection of varieties and beautiful packages.


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Grow Italian is a company based outside of Boston, Mass... Basically it's a company actually not run by white people run by a bunch of gumbati, ginzo, deigo, wop, greasy Italian guys, who for nothing else love God, Family, and Growing things. With that said... They are probably the best seed company around bah-none.

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jimzz12, I find your comment particularly offensive!!! I am Italian descent on my fathers' side and among this countries founders on my mothers. My father was one of the most intelligent, well spoken people I have known. He worked his way through college during the depression. As a matter of fact WOP means Worked Off Passage. It means the person wanted to be an American so bad, they worked they're way here on board ship. It is a term that was actually applied mostly to the Irish. America wanted Italians because the people here were already getting too lazy to work. We built your cities, roads, bridges, railroads, and homes, tended your gardens, maintained your estates and raised your children.

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"WOP means Worked Off Passage" and you should be proud to have them in your family.

I would almost bet that given the area that the company is in you hear those terms all of the time and the poster that offended you is of the same ethnic background. When I read the statement it sounds like it is written with pride that the company is not run by the northern european contingent. Ask your father how he reads it.

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maifleur, My father grew up on the south shore of Boston. He is not around to ask but I know he broke more than one nose as a boy because he was called a deigo! I grew up being called all of them in a little, ignorant, Maine town, even though my mothers family donated the Minute Man in Lexington, the Fogg library at Harvard, and the seed money for the Arnold Arboretum as well as being one of the first 6 families to settle Dover NH, related to Gov. Wentworth, and 2 presidents. All because my last name was Italian. I let it roll off. What bothered with this post was being called not white and greasy. This seed co. is actually in Winchester Mass., Which is just about as high end and "waspy" as you can get aside from Beacon Hill. The contact name on their site is McKay, doesn't sound too ginzo to me! If this poster was just being funny and was Italian then he should understand my being offended and smart enough not to perpetuate the stereotype.

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Since part of my family was here in the early 1700's I understand about old families. Could never have married anyone from the area I lived in, cousins of cousins. You will find in some parts of the country that the greasy Italian is what you see. I do not know what part of Italy their families came from but when I travel I visit outdoor markets and some of the workers wear their hair long in front with greasy hair that looks like it may have been washed for New Years. It could be that the market association decided it would be more touristy to have people in "character" or the people may be day labor from the local mission with little access to bathing.

Either way be proud of your family. But if you have children remind them of what used to be so that they will not repeat the past with some other group in the future.

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This is a fine company. The selection is wide, much of it unavailable from other American sources. The packets sound marginally more expensive than at our big-box stores (most $3.15 or $3.50), but (as someone above said) they are multiple times larger than most American seed packs, so they come out as excellent value. And about the fastest mail-order delivery I've encountered. Finally, I've had terrific germination rates from their seed. What's not to love?

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