Scotch Bonnet leaves yellowing

azzure08July 12, 2012

I am a first time gardener but I am doing good so far I have a Habanero and a scotch bonnet. My Hab has no blooms yet but the leaves are dark green and so pretty. My scotch bonnet leaves started to yellow I was so upset because I am really trying. then I checked to bottom and there were no hole in the bottom so it could drain. My question is can my plant recover from this I have one small pepper on the plant already but my flowers are just falling off.

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esox07 (4b)

Yep, it should recover just fine if you can either drill some holes in that pot it is in, or get it into another pot. At this point however, you may want to just go ahead and put it in a new pot, prefferably a little bigger and add some new, dryer soil around the root ball. The thing is, you need to get that thing into some dryer soil soon. But if you strip much of the current soil from the root ball, it will cause more transplant shock and possibly delay production further. But if you can put some dry soil in the bottom of a bigger container, then set the plant with current root ball on top of the dryer soil in the new container, then stuff some more dryer soil around the outsides, it should wick away a lot of the water in the root ball and make your plant a whole lot happier. It looks like it could use a bigger container anyway.

But at the least, poke some holes in the current container and let it drain as much as possible. Then don't water it until it dries out nearly completely.

You will likely see improvement in the color within a day or so.

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Usually when older leaves are green and newer ones yellow, it's an iron deficiency. What are you using as a fertlizer?

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Follow what Bruce said, the water log in the pot is probably causing the problem of iron uptake by the roots. Poking holes and repotting is the best advice to follow.


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thank you all I will follow your directions and let it dry out some more before watering and put it into a bigger container. I already poked holes in the container

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I notice in one of the pics, in one of the pots you are trying to revive a broken branch (tomato?). I too have not had much success in reviving a branch. In fact, I got sick of seeing this dead looking twig amongst the plants, I broke it up and only kept a small piece to try.

I have heard of successes getting broke/pruned twigs to root, so I think it is worth a try. Soil is the important thing for such a task. I think a dark soil without peat would do the trick.

But I digress...

I was disheartened and felt I made a big mistake because this woody peat soil I replanted in was going to setback one of my plants because it started off poorly in the stuff. I was prepared for a yellowing outbreak.

But I am much happier (and relieved) at this particular point, because the plant has settled into it and seems to be enjoying the environment with very lush and very green leaves now. And contentedly growing out of control.

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yeah it broke off yesterday to tell you the truth I really don't need any more tomato plants because I already have two huge ones. I was just a little sad it broke off and stuck it down in the pot I meant to take it out later but forgot. I thank you for the information though.

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