Air layering

Higgsr1August 14, 2013

Is it to late to try air layering propagation on japanese maples and rhododendrons? I'm in eastern pa .

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Hi, Higgsr1, I presume you mean 'marcotting'?
It takes 3-4 months for an air-layered new plant to mature, so if you start now, it should be ready by early-mid Dec. The parent plant would be going dormant at that time, so there'd be no food going to the new plant.
You could separate the new plant and pot it to continue growing indoors till spring and plant it out into the garden.

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb

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Higgsr1, sorry about that link, it wasn't intended. I wanted to answer your query but couldn't post it without filling that block 'Name of the Link', and that's why I filled it.
Anyway, I understand now that if I didn't fill in the 'Optional Link URL', I wouldn't have had to give the Link either.
Sorry about the confusion. But I hope I helped somewhat.

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