Cutting: have new growth, but no roots?

gardeneric00August 30, 2007

I planted a cutting of a schefflera two months ago, and it has a growth with three small sprouts. I thought great! It worked! But as I was moving it I noticed it was very loose in the soil, and looking around there weren't any roots.

I suppose this isn't specifically a cutting, it has part of the root attached. Is there something I should do to ensure it continues to grow? I'm a bit worried it will just die if there are no roots ...

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I'm a newbie to this but since no one has responded to you yet (this forum has been slow lately) I will tell you what I have read. New growth does not necessarily mean roots have formed yet. New growth can come from energy stored in the plant so treat it with kid gloves preserving its moisture stores because it is actually still a cutting that has not yet rooted. I have a cutting of a schefflera also I am nursing. It is looking great too but no roots yet. Maybe someone else has more experience to know how long scheffleras take to root. Anyone out there?

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

I am not sure how long a schefflera would take to root, but I can advise you to just wait for roots.

Often cuttings will put on new growth. I have seen Christmas trees put on new growth while decorated and sitting in a bucket of water, but they are not going to root.

Schefflera will root however. Just leave the cuttings where they are, continue caring for them as you have been, and wait. It will be o.k.- eventually.


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Thanks for the info. I noticed the end of the cutting is rather dry and not much is happening there. The sprout occurred about 1" above the soil, and there is still 2" below the soil of cutting. Above the growth the stem seems to be dead/dying, which is probably why the growth occurred where it did.

Is my cutting too deep, or too "long"? I noticed a small amount of fuzzy mold on the stem, so I removed the plastic covering to air it out, perhaps I don't need it anymore as long as I keep it misted periodically.

Thanks for the help, as a newb to plants in general, I really appreciate the advice.

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