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irishmist67(6-7)April 2, 2009

My husband and I bought a home that at one time had extensive gardens, however, are now in disrepair. I have one area that I would like to take on but, I have no gardening skill at all! I would welcome some suggestions as to what types of plants or flowers would be appropriate for this area. Right now there are irises and roses already planted there. I would also like to know if I can save the roses and irises while I redo this area, and how to go about doing that? Thanks in advance for your help. This web site is great!

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It's hard to tell for sure but the roses and some other plants in the photo look like they're doing well. I love the rock wall. If I were you I'd start by cleaning up rather than taking out. (Prune the roses, figure out what shape you want the other plants to be and prune those, etc.) I'd clean up some of the dead leaves fallen around the irises and those may well bloom when the season comes. All looks pretty green. Regarding saving the roses -- do you mean you want to pull them out of the ground and re-do the stone? Because if you just mean you want to plant around them, they should be fine if you don't do anything to harm their roots. Good luck. It's pretty. Are you on a hill?

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