Edgeworthia rootings

taxonomist(7b VA)August 29, 2011

Thank You Nandina for your insight. I have already tried all of the methods usually suggested on the GW as well as those suggested by textbooks. To date none has even begun to show success. At this time I am trying air layering on both new and one year wood. September 15-20 will show either failure or success. One commercial propagator tells me that from fifty cuttings, he got two rootings using 50/50 peat moss/ perlite. Pretty dismal!!!

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Hopefully the following will help. I visited today with a well known propagator at a well known, reliable mail order nursery located in my city. He, by the way, visits your botanical garden on his trips north but has never introduced himself to you. He was surprised that you were having problems rooting Edgeworthia. His methods....(1) semi-hardwoods, use Dip & Grow at a 10-1 strength, root under mist...and...(2) Hardwoods set to root in winter, use Dip & Grow at a 5-1 strength plus bottom heat.

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