Need some suggestions #2

SandL(6a KS)September 14, 2004

I just realized I couldn't post two pictures in my last post, so here is picture number 2. Same area of my back yard, just a different angle.

By the way, the soil in the barrell is constantly wet due to bad drainage (something I am hoping to correct by drilling holes in the barrell). I would like any suggestions on what to plant in there that loves really moist soil anyway.


Image link:

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MINT!! Not only thrives in boggy containers, but will fill that whole nook with it's aroma.

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SandL(6a KS)

Alas, I just got rid of the mint that was living in this area. Actually, I'm glad I did because it started to invade all the nearby beds.
I settled on Christmas ferns and hostas in the area surrounding the barrell. I'm going to plant hardy begonias in the barrell once April rolls around.


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