Best way to propagate fig cuttings

boizeau(7a)August 6, 2005

What is a good method for propagating fig cuttings? In my area near Tacoma, I get about 30% success, but most seem to rot at the soil end. What are some tricks to get a better % of rooted cuttings?

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Vermiculite is winning, but it is still early.

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RE: Fig propagation
Posted by: girlfromtheGarden z5 Indy metro (My Page) on Sun, Mar 20, 05 at 0:13

Jon - great pics! how long (on average) were the cuttings' length inserted down into the vermiculite or perlite mix? I tried using longer cuttings this go-round for mine, probably anywhere from 3 1/2 to 5 inches. Wondered what you find roots best size-wise in your trials, or if other factors (like the mix used, or moisture level, or type of cutting) was more significant.
(Don't you love the helpfulness of see-through rooting containers? I've recycled pop bottles, fast-food soft drink cups, anything that gives me a "window" to the root zone to double-check progress.)



RE: Fig propagation
Posted by: pitangadiego San Diego, CA (My Page) on Sun, Mar 20, 05 at 1:42

You can see how long the cuttings are above the rooting medium - many of the Davis cuttings this year were quite generous. I try to "bury" them almost to the bottom of the cup - so about 4ish inches. Interestingly, the vermiculite doesn't clump, so when I remove the rooted cutting from the rooting cup, most of the vermiculite falls away, revealing the roots. Some cuttings root only at the very bottom, some at a node further up, and some all over the cutting. Also, with several cuttings of the same variety, some have shown roots for two weeks or more, and some of the same variety, potted at the same time, still show no roots, even though they have leaves. Go figure.


Posted by: Joxo1990 CA (My Page) on Fri, Mar 25, 05 at 23:05

I was wondering if the refrigeration process was nesacery? I took cutting of my figs and stuck them directly into the ground, and I was hoping they would grow. I am still waiting on that though. So far they have not changed at all.


RE: Fig propagation
Posted by: pitangadiego San Diego, CA (My Page) on Sat, Mar 26, 05 at 0:34

I do not know, but a fellow that has been doing this for 30-40 years said this was his method, and I was having less that stellar success, so I went with it this year. I have planted some directly into pots, and sometimes they do OK, and other times it has been mostly a loss.


RE: Fig propagation
Posted by: Georgia_Jack z7 GA (My Page) on Sun, Jun 19, 05 at 21:02

I've never tried to root anything but dormant cuttings before. However, I had to cut a path between two of my larger fig trees about three weeks ago. They were already leafed out and even had small figs on them. Short on time, but not wanting to waste the cuttings, I cut the limbs into 12-inch lengths, crammed about 25 of them into a large planter, filled it up with dirt from the garden, and placed it in the shade beside a water faucet. I've kept it watered and new leaves are sprouting out everywhere. Even a thumb-sized fig that I left on one looks healthy. Roots? Can't tell right now, but I'm optimistic. I hope to distribute some well-rooted plants to the local garden club that indicated an interest. At my lake place where I have a huge Celeste, I covered a foot or less of some low-hanging limbs with dirt and put a rock on them several weeks ago. When I uncovered them the other day, they looked like millipedes! Thoroughly rooted. I clipped them and gave them to a neighbor. That is definitely the surest way to root a fig.


RE: Fig propagation
Posted by: Chills 6b (??) Mi (My Page) on Mon, Jun 20, 05 at 16:21

Re: Davis cuttings.
The White Texas Everbearing 2 of three cuttings rooted out nicely as of this morning. I used dip-n-grow on these about 3 weeks ago.

I've still got three other kinds that I've had in meduim for 3weeks to 7 weeks. One, maybe two, Celestes looks promising. Maybe one Golden Celeste too. Panachee not doing anything (as far as I've noticed)

All are outside at this point, I'm hoping for a little warmth to cause the cuttings to start in earnest.


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i must admit that i have tried several ways to propagate fig cuttings. the plastic bag, vermiculite in pots, placing them in coffee containers with wet paper towels and a plastic bag, and just wounding the bottom and dipping them in rooting hormone then placing them in one gallon pots with potting soil... out of all the methods i find that simply sticking them in pots with potting soil and putting them in a shady spot has proven the simplest and most effictive.
i even place six cuttings in peat moss cups and buried them in about two inches of potting inside a three gallon pot gave me good results, five out of six have leaves after three and a half weeks. i think that taking a knife and wounding the area where you dip it in the rooting hormone makes a big difference. the energy of the cutting goes to the wounded area and enhances growth of roots that get the little fellow going.

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I use the burial method for fig cuttings. Here are my most recent results. These were cuttings from Italy I brought back:

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I use dormant cuttings that I lay down or bury in a container of compost or any cutting mix and keep moist outside in our normal winter temperatures. Every few weeks I uncover them and see if they are rooted. Those that are rooted I pot up, the rest I re-bury. I use Dip & Grow when I start. Almost all root, but not all at once. Al

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I received my UC Davis cuttings about 2 weeks ago. I read so many different methods over in the fig forum, that I am testing 3 of them. I cut my long cuttings into 3 pieces each. 1/3 are in Perlite/peat in Zipset bands by Monarch, sitting in a warm spot that gets no sun but lots of light. 1/3 are in damp paper towels in a plastic baggie. One 3rd are outside in damp soil laid on their sides in a 1 1/2" deep trench, and covered with loose soil. Fingers crossed that one of these methods works! They have been planted for 1.5 weeks now, and I see from all your posts, it takes at least a month to see any leaves.

I can definitely see root initials and callousing in one of the "baggie" method ones (Panachee variety). The other two in the baggie don't show anything.

I'm trying to root grape vines and pomegranates also with the above methods. Many of the grapes are sprouting leaves, and I know that leaves do not mean there are roots. Patience!!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Update. After 2 weeks in perlite and peat, 5 out of 8, fig cuttings are showing green leaves. None of the "baggie method," or the "lay em on their sides in a shallow damp trench outside," are showing any signs of growth. The one I really wanted to grow was Violet de Bouchet, and so far she is not giving me any green. The two varieties that do have leaves are Panachee and Mission, both of whom I have heard have delicious fruit, and isn't that the mission? I'm not greedy. I'll keep one of each variety and give one of each to my kids.

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Can I obtain 3 foot cuttings from supplier now (July 1) and expect any success not, or should I wait until the late fall to get stock. Thanks, R. White

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I have rooted up to 6 ft. branches using the airprogator;s
clamshells .They will root in a month best to leave them 2 months
the new roots will harden and will not break off as easy.
Has anyone used the Botanicare Power Cloner?
They claim you can root cuttings in 5 to 7 days

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