Rooting before cutting.

squirmwurmAugust 28, 2013

Sorry for the very silly question, but I just can't remember. What is the type of propagation called where you first apply rooting hormone to a branch in order for it to grow roots prior to taking a cutting?

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you are pprobably thinking of "air layering" but the technique involves more than jut applying a rooting hormone to a branch........

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re: yiorges-z5il

Absolutely, I understand there is more to it. I was just giving the general idea. Gonna look it up, think you're right on the name. Thanks

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Here's my two cents! When you apply the cutting in rooting hormone, you still have to plant it into soil. I did a clematis by layering last year. It is small now and I've got it started on a trellis. Don't I have to cut it from the orginal plant? Do I do that just by shovel prunning it?

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No, you do not 'shovel prune' it. You need first to ascertain that it has actually rooted. Since it is still attached to the parent there is no way of knowing if it is growing on its own roots or not yet. You need to poke about carefully where it is in the ground and see if it has roots. Only then do you cut it off its parents and dig it up carefully to transplant if you need to. But don't do it now. Wait for next spring.

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