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grey_thumb_gardenerAugust 31, 2007

I've been trying to propogate different plants from cuttings. I take a cutting at a node with at least one node above it, slice the bottom at a slight angle, dip it in take root growing hormone, and put it in water sitting on a window sill that gets good morning light with moderate light throughout the rest of the day. My problem is that I can get roots to grow, but when I plant them in pots they die. Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong. The two cuttings that died were fushcia plants. They were 3" long. I let the main root grow to a couple of inches with 4 or 5 small roots coming off of the main one. They died within a week. I now have a peace lily leaf cutting trying to grow roots now and I would like not to kill it and waste my time, so If anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong I would appreciate it.

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Sometimes plants that have been rooted in water have a problem transitioning to soil. Why don't you try rooting the cuttings in vermiculite or a seed starting mix. Keep it moist but not wet. You can enclose the cuttings in a baggie and open it occasionally to check for rot and to allow some air to circulate. If you do root them in vermiculite or soil and put them in plastic don't keep them in the sun or they will cook.

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You may be washing the hormone off the cutting before it has time to get into the cutting (the IBA hormone is not water soluble, but by putting it in water, it may reduce its effectiveness). As above poster mentioned,the transition from water to potting soil can be a problem. The roots formed in water are aclimated to that enviroment, not potting soil.
If you take several cuttings, stick some in sand and others in pearlite...once they have rooted and you compared the roots, they will look very different.

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