Jalapeno Question

simsedwardJuly 23, 2012

This year I planted several jalapeno plants which I grew from seed and they are coming along as normal as they have for my entire life. I also planted two plants I bought at our nursery labeled jalapeno...they look just like jalapeno plants and they are producing peppers that look just like jalapenos; however, the peppers are red from the get go. They taste like bell peppers with a nice jalapeno level heat. I've let my jals turn red before, but never seen them develop red from the blossom.

A jalapeno? Different pepper? Just a strange reaction to our heat this summer?

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No other color just red? Not green to red? Just a faster change? Could you post a pic. Seeds please? Sounds like a cool pepper.

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Well I will have to get my wife to check them out for sure..I am colorblind...but my son who helps me pick noticed the "babies" were red...and I can tell they are a deep dark red right off the bat. I will see tonight if any of the little ones are green at all.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Yeah, if the trait is true, there could be a real market for seeds. An "ornamental" jalapeno?

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