Ginkgo tree babies

nikkineel(GA 8/7b)August 25, 2008

This is a repost from another forum but I wanted to see if any of you experts could give me some advice...

I have two Ginkgo trees in my front yard - one male and one female. They are both very old, established, and beautiful. As most of you know, the female drops its fruit in the fall after the leaves have fallen. By the way, the leaves turn a bright yellow and are gorgeous in the fall. Back to the fruit, it has a horrible odor. While it only lasts a short time, it is pretty annoying but the dang tree is too pretty to cut down. It is totally worth the brief smelly period. I guess if the male wasn't so close by, the female wouldn't form the fruit. Anyway, I was harvesting seed from some daylilies underneath the tree (my first attempt at harvesting daylily seed) when I noticed lots of little seedlings under the tree. I know that many seedlings aren't true to the parent so I did some research online. It seems these fruit do make true ginkgo trees! I'm wondering if I should dig up the seedlings and put them into containers for growing? I saw online where some people and nurseries go through a lot of work to clean the seeds from the fruit and germinate the seeds. One problem I can think of is that people really only want the male trees because of the stinky fruit of the female. I couldn't verify if each seedling is male or female. I'm just wondering if I can put those stinky fruits to good use. Anyone want some? Any advise from you more experienced gardeners will be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post. Nikki

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Because it will take several years before anyone can tell male from female almost all Ginkgo are asexually grown, seedlings are not really in demand. Even among the cloned trees you can choose from columnar or spreading forms. Al

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Thanks for your response, Al. I've only had a couple of requests for the seedlings since my post so I guess I'll send those out. I think I'm going to experiment with nurturing some for myself. Thanks again, Nikki

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