If I root plants now, what would I do with them if they 'work'?

juliamay67August 1, 2008

This might be a ridiculous question, but I have been reading this thread and am getting all excited for propagating by cuttings. I would like to get started with a few things, let's say hydrangea and scarlet verbena for our hypothetical discussion.

My question is, if I start this now, they grow roots within a couple of weeks, what will I do with these young plants when the weather turns cold? Treat them as houseplants? Just protect them outside by making a little homemade coldframe-thing or ??? What do you do when your little cuttings are reading to leave the nest?

Thank you for any advice & ideas.

Julia in Woodinville, Western WA

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Hardy Deciduous & herbacious perennials overwinter in cold frame. Tender perennials & annuals over winter as house plants.

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Watch for plant swaps in your area - or have a plant sale instead of a garage sale. You can trade on this site, also. Good luck with your new and fun projects.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I root things just for the fun of it, and if I learn something I can apply that knowledge next time.

I tinker with rooting Russian sage almost all year long. I usually toss the product as I don't need more than I now have.

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Your post hit home for me. For amateur propagators failure is a lot easier to accept than success. I end up with hundreds of plants out growing their pots, and demanding to be potted up to the next size. I donate to several plant sales a year to try and keep ahead, and yet when I walk through my garden I see lots of attractive shrubs I have never propagated I am overwhelmed with the desire to start cuttings. So what is the cure? Al

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